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Old 4th August 2002, 14:54   #1
Euan Roberts
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Join Date: Apr 2002
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Best and Worst Disc Jockeys on Radio


Dave Redmond (South-East Radio)
Declan Meehan (East Coast Radio )
Al Dunne ( Lite FM)
Colm Hayes (FM104)
Liam Quigley (Presently with Lite FM)
Ian Dempsey (Today FM)
Brian McCaul (98FM)
Jim McCabe ( 98FM)
Jason Maine (FM104)
John Clarke ( 2FM)
Jim O’Neill ( Today FM)
Jonathan Ross ( BBC Radio 2)
Janice Long (BBC Radio 2)
Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2)
Barry Dunne (98FM)
Tom Dunne ( Today FM)
Donal Dineen ( Today FM)
Gareth O’Callaghan (2FM)


Stephen Keogh ( FM 104)
Robbie Fogarty (98FM)
Gerry Stevens (98FM)
Stephen Cooper (FM104)
Philip Cawley (Today FM)
Mike Moloney (Lite FM)
Robert Walshe (Lite FM)
Andy Preston (FM104)
Damien Mcaul ( 2FM)
Ryan Turbridy ( 2FM)
Damien Farrelly ( 2FM)
Bob Conway ( Country 106.8 FM
Joan & Declan (FM104
Ray & Cliona ( Spin 1038)
Marty Miller (Spin 1038)
James David (Spin 1038)
Steve Kay (Spin 1038)

Any more Anoraks?

Euan Roberts
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Old 4th August 2002, 15:32   #2
Mike O' Brien
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andy preston!!!!!! my arse he is shit hot and robbie is another great jock agree about mr cooper though!!!!

tony fenton another great jock "you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Old 4th August 2002, 15:43   #3
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I'm with you on all the Today jocks but I think Steve Kay is pretty slick.
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Old 4th August 2002, 15:55   #4
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Assuming you mean on air now:

Pat Courtenay (we might not get to hear him but he is on air!)
Ian Dempsey (class)
Declan Meehan (for the memories)
Jason Maine (for the memories!)
Greg Gaughren (links and an on-air presence to die for)
Tom Dunne (oozes class)
Emma Ledden (incredibly seductive voice, if you're male she captivates you)
Simon Mayo (altho now on 5Live, I've never heard better at putting a radio show together)
Chris Moyles (a dream, gets the audience talking)
John Peel (forever and ever)
Elaine Kane (so sexy)

All the dance djs are dire
Frank Kennedy (exceptionally so)
Jack Kincaid (can't bear him for more than 5 seconds, most annoying person on radio?)
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Old 4th August 2002, 18:13   #5
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Please don't do a list like this without giving REASONS why they are the best or worst. It's just stupid otherwise. For example Euan, I think most people consider Andy Preston, Marty Miller, Steve K, etc to be top jocks. If you gave a reason why you dislike them, it'd be a lot more helpful!
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Old 4th August 2002, 22:09   #6
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Fav D.J's ...........


I think that it isnt any crime to make a list of who you think are hot d.j's and who you don't.Everyone has there own idea in there head as to what they like and what they dont like & this is a great site for people to express there likes & dislikes to others.

But I agree with turiel.I do think that you should say why you don't like them or why you do like them.I think that its very intresting to hear who rates who.

My Fav's have to be...
Chris Moyles (Radio 1)-class act,so funny & always finds a new angle.
Sarah Cox (Radio 1)- Great to see a girl not afraid to give it dixie on air, she's comical.
Colm Hayes (Fm104)- He's around years and still delivers the good stuff.
Jim Jim (Fm104)- He'll be the next c.h, so many sides to the guy he's fantastic.
Al Murray (Energy)- It's all in that voice & he is red hot on his r&b.should be on legal station doin is thang!!!!
Joan Lee (Fm104)- Another great female jock & she has a gig that most female jocks would love.

Dislikes ......
Zoo Crew (Spin) - The pair of them would burn the ears off ya, not enjoyable listening in my book.

Debbie Allen (98fm) - Not a voice that would be my cup of tea in the morning - not to say that she may not be any better in the afternoon but on what i have to go on - she don't float my boat.
ow you doin?
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Old 4th August 2002, 22:22   #7
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Re: Best and Worst Disc Jockeys on Radio

Originally posted by Euan Roberts

Andy Preston (FM104)
James David (Spin 1038)

Euan Roberts [/B]
Both above are good jocks......

Rick O'Shea was good on Fm104 but don't hear much of him on 2fm........

God help me for saying this but Vinny S on Energy 94 in Dublin...........
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Old 5th August 2002, 01:04   #8
Euan Roberts
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Hello, I said who my favourite jocks were as you all did. No, i didn't give an explanation as to why i like or dislike a particular Disc Jockey on-air past or present as the case is.


Dave Redmond (South-East Radio) a Real pro, gives intelligent links

Declan Meehan (East Coast Radio ) Happy cherpy voice, makes you wanna listen

Al Dunne ( Lite FM) Great voice, sensible straightforward links even if he loves voicetracking his own show. Terrible or what ?
Colm Hayes (FM104) Spontanaous, clever and witty links
Liam Quigley (Presently with Lite FM) Personable to his listeners, researches his program well

Ian Dempsey (Today FM) Just funny and entertaining, great voice
Brian McCaul (98FM) Class DJ, quite informative, sounds confident all the time

Jim McCabe ( 98FM) loves talking and conversing with his co-host Debbie Allen and with his listeners

Jason Maine (FM104) a pure gem, slick sounding, should be on the New Nova 252 LW if it ever happens.
John Clarke ( 2FM) Brings you back to Radio Nova days, this guy loved playing Jingles as still does. Hey, he gotta a pretty good taste in music dare i say. Plays some great favourites on his Sunday Jukebox show on 2Fm (12- 3pm
Jim O’Neill ( Today FM) Sandpaper sounding voice, very knowledgable on his oldies selection on Sunday's Today FM (1-3pm

Jonathan Ross ( BBC Radio 2) Just Helarious that's all, makes you wanna laugh both on TV and Radio

Janice Long (BBC Radio 2) Sexy voice, makes going to sleep far more exciting

Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2) A good example of how a real Disc Jockey should sound like on Radio ie, links, music.
Barry Dunne (98FM) A Voice that doesn't tire you too much, knows his eighties music that's for sure

Tom Dunne ( Today FM) Ex Something Happens boy, sounds great on Radio, and a super inspiration for anyone that wants to learn and appreciate decent music
Donal Dineen ( Today FM) The expert on the Indie music circuit, plays some music i've never heard of, nevertheless, you'll wanna listen the following night and the night after that. Class act
Gareth O’Callaghan (2FM) Researches his show extremely well and comes up with some funny and interesting gossipy items that matches his brand of personality radio

Tomorrow night the reasons for my selection on the worst Disc- Jockeys on radio at present

By the way, i still Andy preston is terrible on radio and the rest of them. Just my opinion
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Old 5th August 2002, 18:31   #9
stayin alive
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anybody who rates john clarke as a good radio dj has got serious issues to deal with , the guy could put an entire continent into a coma .
with regard to andy preston euan i get the feeling there may be a hint of jealously creeping here . he took over from greg g which in all fairness was a very diffucult role to take on and i think he's done very well , he makes very few mistakes and most of his links are tight and his style suits 104's format . mr spring gets my vote along with frank kennedy as the 2 biggest fools on irish radio .
anyway im off to listen to some old j clarke shows ,i need to catch up on some sleep ...
chow 4 now .
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Old 5th August 2002, 20:40   #10
Preset No.3
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Have to agree abut John Clarke. Nova days, he was a great jock with Bob Gallico. But now, just because he is the PD of 2FM, goes on national radio and plays music he likes with no thought whatsoever of the listening public. I like to think I know a bit about music, but I know about 2% of the music he plays!
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