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Tracey Lee
16th April 2005, 20:14
From Sunshine 101, Energy, Nova, Q102 days....

Paul Asford-One in every town,
Taffy-I love my Radio
Art Company- Suzanna
Denise laSalle-Don't mess with my tutu
The Jets-Crush on you
The Jets- You got it all over him
Expose-Seasons Change
Opus-Life is Life

16th April 2005, 20:31
Depends on what you listen to, Tracey......I regularly give The Arts Company and Opus a blast when I'm in 80s mode....

Taffy and The Jets, though.....jeez, those bring back memories!

16th April 2005, 20:37
Tracey - that Paul Ashford song is a classic. The jets is a classic too - I have the Vinyl of it at home,funnily enough talking of those great stations Liam Quigley played' Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone' by Glass Tiger this morning.

Here's my tuppence worth:

I Want To Be Your Man - Roger (Sunshine fav)
Night & Day- Al B Sure
Stop To Love - Luther Vandross
Baby Come To Me -Ingram & Austin
Anything by Debbie Gibson (except Foolish Beat -bleurghhhh)
I'll Be Good To You -Quincy with Ray Charles and Chaka Khan (1990)
Town to Town - Microdisney
Love Theme From St Elmo's Fire -David Foster.!!!#
Stop Me From Starting This Feeling - Lou Rawls

And 2 Super Q Classics:

Girlfriend and Mercedes Boy by Pebbles

and here's my ultimate:

The Way To Your Heart - Soulsister...

GREAT THREAD. This is what I love about Radiowaves...

Night Slammer
16th April 2005, 21:24
Here's some of my choices:

El De Barge - Who's Johnny
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth
Kym Mazelle - Love Me The Right Way
Inner City - Good Life/Big Fun

I'll think of more in a couple of days!

16th April 2005, 22:08
I was just listening to the best of debarge the other night.

Everyone knows 'Rhythm of the Night' but what about 'All This Love' and 'Who's Holding Donna Now'? Great songs -

Kym Mazelle and Rapination with Love Me The Right Way is probably my favourite dance song of all time. I just love it, she had some great songs including a great cover of 'Was That All It Was', alas another one I have only on vinyl.

Just looking in the CD racks behind me, what about 'Meet Me Half Way' by Kenny Loggins, or even 'The One You Love' by Glenn Frey or 'Desert Moon' by Dennis De Young'? All great songs.

Just to prove that I listen to music from more than the 80's -how about these:

Hey DJ -Zhane
I Wish - Skee Lo

Okay back to the 80's:

Born Again by The Christians.

What a great song. Reminds me so much of staying up all night during my summer holidays from school to listen to the new 24 hour RTE Radio2 FM with Paul Scanlon and Gerry Wilson. (1987 IIRC)

Here's a few more:

Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Jane Child
High Enough -Damn Yankees
Casanova -Levert
SEcret Rendevous -Karyn White (bloody excellent song)
Just Like Paradise- Dave Lee Roth ( A real Sunshine 101 classic)
The Flame -Cheap Trick
Almost Paradise by Nancy Wilson and Mike Reno from Flashdance (actually I have been meaning to post about this song for ages - bits of it sound remarkably like 'City of Blinding Shite by u2'....not that I'm saying they ripped off the Flashdance soundtrack.......

17th April 2005, 05:46
Yes, most of the above are worth hearing again and SHOULD BE!

Heres some real memorys!

Sunshine 101 Dublin (80's) Wax - Right between the eyes... 12inch. That was their secret red light danger call song.. ie:PNT were around!!! :swearing:

Sunshine 101 Dublin (80's) Bob Segar - Shakedown (break down)... From Beverly Hills Cop.

Q102 Dublin (80's) Time Bandits - Endless love...Paul Simon - Boy In The Bubble along with Depeche Mode - Shake the diease, which was used on early tests.
Also Q102 and Nova the great classics from Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days! Wang Chung - Everybody have fun tonight!

What sonnnnngs! :notworthy

Other Dublin stations adopted the likes of Silver Pozzoli - Around my dream...sampled in a dance track two years ago and very hard to find the orignal these days.

Those are just some of the 80's greats apart from the by in large...crap 90's. The 80's pirates ruled! :notworthy

17th April 2005, 06:10
My friend has an 80's show which plays it all. Respect to a man who has made lots of time for me on the phone and really knows his 80's even though i am onair longer than him! :lol: Worth hearing every sunday night from 10pm in northern ireland :notworthy :cheers:

17th April 2005, 10:04
WAX - Right Between The Eyes =- a far better song than Bridge To Your Heart.

I managed to get my hands on the CD of Right Between The Eyes a few years ago afetr much searching. An all time classic- Phil Cawley plays it from time to time on Today FM -fair dues to him!!

the valve
17th April 2005, 10:19
I've got that on twelve Inch (right between the eyes).......Tony Mc Kenzie played it regularly on Energy 103 another favourite of their's on 12" was Bruce Springteen's Dancing in the dark.......

When Gerry Ryan was doing Lights out on 2 he played a Disco Mix of two tribes mixed with Small town boy..it was fookin brilliant, would love a copy of that!

What about Phil Bailey Chinese wall!!!!?????

The Blue Nile Tinsle Town in The Rain or stay two great songs "Barry Lang's Drive-time on 2fm"

Jakki Graham Round and around
Could stay at this list forever :D

17th April 2005, 15:12
My Girl ( Gone Gone Gone )-Chilliwack-Took me years to find on cd
In The Army Now-Bolland
A Night In New Yok-Elbow Bones & The Racketeers
Boat On The River-Styx
Feels Like Heaven-Fiction Factory
Don't Answer Me-Alan Parsons
Take A Little Rhythm-Ali Thompson
Alien-Atlanta Rhythm Section
You're A Friend Of Mine-Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne
Cool Night-Paul Davis
and thats just a small selection of 80's stuff..never mind the 70's etc
great thread..makes the brain tick over:)

17th April 2005, 16:01
A Night In New Yok-Elbow Bones & The Racketeers

You're A Friend Of Mine-Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne

I remember years ago that I played A Night In New York on a breakfast show, having had a fairly heavy night out the night before. I got hauled over coals afterwards for introducing it as 'Elbow Bones Knees and Toes'

That Clarence Clemons song is one I thought ofin the car earlier today = a real 80's classic.

What about Right On Track by The Breakfast Club? Now there's a song you never hear on the radio anymore.

17th April 2005, 16:17
I would say most songs people dont hear on radio is because they are personal choices and really not commercial enough to be aired,with playlists its really pure luck even if your Top 40 based song would be played! Gimme a CD/Mp3 Player anyday thank you!

17th April 2005, 16:46
Wayne..you're spouting rubbish again..virtually every song mentioned so far is and was commercially popular and viable..either contribute to the list or turn your mp3 player up
The Way To Your Heart - Soulsister.....great choice..how come this was never a huge hit?
Icehouse-Electric Blue
Midnight Blue-Lou Gramm
So Wrong-Patrick Simmons
Steak Away-Robbie Dupree
Hot Rod Hearts-Robbie Dupree
Loved You Like I've Never Loved Before-John O Bannion
Message In The Box-World Party

17th April 2005, 17:34
Many of the songs mentioned aren't heard any more because they don't appear on CD, or specifically not on compilation CDs. Most stations that started post 1988 built their library from compilation CDs.

Here's more forgotten classics:

When Sly Calls - Michael Franks (Nova and ABC fave)
Wrap My Arms Around You - Kevin Kitchen
Kerry Girl - John Ratcliff
Halfway Hotel - Voyager (what a stunning song!)
Games - Street Talk (one of many great songs from the best era of Irish pop)
November November - Auto Da Fe (another of the above)
Driver's Seat - Sniff 'n' the Tears
Guardian Angel - Nino De Angelo
Ten to eight - David Castle (a few stations have this from vinyl - never on a CD I think)
Parade - White & Torch (bit obscure but played on BBC R1 and ABC in the early 80s)
what was that song by Keats that sounded like Alan Parsons Project?
Too Long - LGT
Who Can That Someone Be - The Zen Alligators

many more will spring to mind soon I'm sure!

17th April 2005, 17:36
Propaganda- Dual :Q102
Jimmy the hoover- Tantalise :Sunshine
Ashford & Simpson- Solid (Every station in Ireland)
Joe Jackson- Steppin Out :Nova

And one of the songs you never hear these days that you hope you will never hear again.
David Bowie- Absolute Beginers : Q102 1986.

17th April 2005, 17:54
ELO - Calling America
The Breakfast Club - Right on track
Jane Weidlin - Rush hour
Don Johnson - Heartbeat
Falco - Vienna Calling
Lonnie Gordon - Happenin all over again
Madonna - Causing a commotion
Modern Talking - Brother Louie
Nick Kamen - Each time you break my heart
Pepsi and Shirly - Heartache
The Reynolds Girls - I'd Rather Jack
Rofo - Rofo's Theme (Hitman and Her theme)
Taja Seville - Love is Contagious
Lloyd Cole - Are you ready to be heartbroken
Blue Mercedes - I want to be your property

Just a few off the top of my head! :cheers:

17th April 2005, 18:03
The Way To Your Heart - Soulsister.....great choice..how come this was never a huge hit?

I remember Christy boy Murray woudl play that every Friday night in Planet Murphy.

Oh add Red Box- Lean on me and For america to that list!

John Silverspoon
17th April 2005, 20:03
Breakfast club - right on track... classic!!

Ice House - electric blue
The cure - friday im in love (however this tune is ALWAYS played on the radio in the states!!).
Starship- built this city.
Level 42 - running in the family
Electronic - getting away with it

17th April 2005, 20:27
Great list of songs here - That Voyager track is a gem. never a chart hit tho' but a radio success.

Here's where I feel that radio programmers fall down, they look at the UK chart and the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and make judgements from there. Soulsister would be a case in point here. That song was an IRISH number one for a few weeks in 1989 - I remember not being able to buy it in my local shop because it had sold out. Now, most programmers will tell you that it was obscure and never a hit, but people in Ireland loved it enough to put it at number one.

All of these songs were played on stations that only played hits at the time - ABC, Nova, Q, Sunshine etc etc.

Rant over.

What about

Mel Brooks -To Be or Not To Be - not the classiest song ever but a fave of mine at the time.

Alibis - Sergio Mendes
I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz (Poolside is actually a great album)
I Can Prove It - Phil Fearon
Starship -Sara (the follow up to Built This City)

Finally, may I say that Nick Kamen's 'Each Time' was one of the best songs of the 80's but got written off as pop fluff because he was a model.

I was up late last night trawling through CD's (having read this thread) and came across 'It Better to Travel' by Swing Out Sister which had (apart from Breakout) - Surrender and Twilight World. Good 80's tunes. Again that you never........

17th April 2005, 20:47
Here's more forgotten classics:

Guardian Angel - Nino De Angelo
Still gets played on Magic FM, Mid Ulster!

17th April 2005, 20:59
Couldn't relax until I got this list off my chest:

Dress You Up -Madonna
Why -Carly Simon
Kissing With Confidence - Will Powers with Carly Simon
Island Girl -Elton John
Valotte -julian Lennon
Infidelity - Simply Red
How Men Are & Deep and Wide And Tall - Aztec Camera
Joy & Pain - Donna Allen
Will You Still Love Me - Chicago
Make Me Lose Control- Eric Carmen (still sounds great)
2AM - Teddy Pendergrass
Icing On The Cake -Steven Tin Tin Duffy
Empty Rooms - Gary Moore (the staple of late night love shows - and now where?)
Where Are You Baby - Betty Boo
I Don't Think That MAn Should Sleep Alone - Ray Parker Jr.
So This IS Romance - Linx
Cloud Across The Moon - Rah Band (Operator...operator.....)

I'm at home listening to most of these on Musicmatch - great memories!!

17th April 2005, 22:17
Ah the memories, what a great load of songs,
i`d like to add:

Cry before dawn : Gone forever
Billy Joel : Piano man

AHHHHH theres so many i can`t go on.
We never seem to here much from,
The Police
Paul Simon.
If the P.Ds around the country read this thread they might get some ideas, Unfortunately the don`t seem to be of an age that can relate to the age profile of the audience they are aiming their stations at. I knew a guy who could not relate to any song before 1985!!!!!
Anyway good thread Tracey :notworthy

18th April 2005, 00:29
Tom Robinson - War Baby
David castle - Ten to Eight
Paul Simon - Late in the Evening/Train in the Distance
Todd Rudgren - Can we still be friends/Hello its me
Richard Marx - Endless summer nights
Stephen Bishop - On and On / Save it for a Rainy Day/Parked Cars
Robbie Dupree - Steal away
Rupert Holmes - Him
Gordon Lightfoot - If I could read your mind
Tom Waites -Martha
Paul Davis - Sweet Life
Doug Ashdown -Winter in America
Prefab Sprout - Bonny
Phil Collins - Don't let him steal your heart away?If leaving me is easy
Orleans - Dance with me
Clifford T Ward - Home thoughts from abroad
Donald Fagen - IGY
John Martyn - Sweet Little Mystery
Gallagher and Lyle - Breakaway
Leo Sayer - Orchard Road
Hamilton,Joe Frank and Reynolds - Don't pull your love out
Little River Band - Reminising
Player - Baby come back
Harry Chapin - WOLD
FireFall - Just Remember I love you
Jefferson Starship - Sara
Seals and Crofts - Summer Breeze
Karla Bonnoff - GoodBye my friend
Doobie Bros - You belong to me
Richard Harris - Macarthur Park
Chris De Burgh - Spanish Train/In a Country Church Yard
Alan Parsons Project - Old and wise
Suzannne Vega - Solitude Standing
Janis Ian - She must be Beautiful / Getting over you
Neil Young - Helpless
Ambrosia - Biggest part of me
Dan Seals and John Ford Coley - Love is the answer
Glen Campbell - Withcha Lineman
Joni Mitchell -Both sides Now
Sheena Easton - Im almost over you
Christopher Cross - Sailing / Think of laura / Never be the same
Colin Blunstone - I don't believe in miracles
Gilbert O'Sullivan - Nothing Rhymed
Steve Perry - Foolish Heart
Leonard Cohen - Tower Of song
Chris Rea - Stainsby Girls / Shamrock Diaries
Bertie Higgins - Key largo
Bonnie Raitt -Nick of time
Sarah McLachlan - Hold on
Burt Bacharach - This guys in love
Dan Fogelberg - To the morning
crosby Stills Nash and Young - SlowPoke
Frank Sinatra - Cycles/All my Tomorrows
James Taylor - Daddys All gone

18th April 2005, 02:57
Tabasco As fasr as i know you are right about David Castle 10 to 8...both copies I have are from vinyl.
The Voyager and Michael Franks were easy enough to find on cd..3 great choices Tabasco. The version of Guardian Angel i always prefered was Masqurade's one which again I was delighted to find on cd.
here's a few more for the list from CD's on my desk
Blue-Gonna Capture Your Heart (1977 Blue )
Orleans-Still The One
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Mr. Bojangles
Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Jackie Blue
Michael Nesmith-Rio
Renaissance-Northern Lights
Arlo Guthrie-City Of New Orleans
Patsy Gallant-From NY To LA
Jack Tempchin-Peaceful Easy Feeling

18th April 2005, 08:44
Anyway, back to more songs that struck me as ones that you never hear on the radio (that were actually played on the radio a bit back in the day)

Billy Vera & The Beaters - At This Moment (big Sunshine song)
Say You Will -Foreigner
Future's So Bright -Timbuk 3

Not too sure about how much airplay this song got -but it does ring bells with me:

The Romantics -What I Like About You

Blow Monkeys -Digging Your Scene
John Farnham -The Age of Reason (not a chart hit but an airplay hit)
Eric Clapton -Behind the Mask - hit in 1987 (never featured on any EC compilations -peaked at number 15 in Feb of 1987 - and for an artist that doesn't have chart success that frequently I am surprised that it is left off compilation CD's)

Also in the chart at the same time as Eric Clapton one of my all time faves - vesta Williams -Once Bitten Twice Shy - a hit, but NEVER on the radio these days.

With regards to the issue of songs not being played because they don't feature on compilation CD's, I believe that it is a lazy excuse. I would expect that excuse from a night club jock but not from a legal station. How difficult is it to hook up a deck and transfer something to MD or MP3 or whatever playout format a station is using. South East Radio had no problem doing it -so why should the others.

18th April 2005, 10:23
I still play Billy Vera a lot..and one of these days i'll actually listen to the rest of the cd ( shame on me i know )
Talking In Your Sleep-Romantics ( A song we played on Sunshine far more than their other hit )
Jeopardy-Greg Kihn Band
Girls-Dwight Twilley
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes-Ultravox
You're Only Lonely-J.D. Souther ( Big Sunshine song )
I Got You-Split Enz
Star-Kiki Dee
Rainbow Child-Dan Reed Network

This could turn out to be the playlist of the year..keep them coming I say:)
and btw..my apoligies to Wayne..I was rude in an earlier post and really should learn to think then type..mea culpa:)

18th April 2005, 10:42
Tracy Lee ought to be a PD 20 years ago, she rocks me Amadeus! :cheers:

And whomever it was that mentioned Desert Moon, turn it up to 11, supersong!

Rememebr there was two cuts of We Built this City, one with a cold Start and no airplay mixed in, and the other more played one? For reasons best left inside my anorak, I associate the lass palyed on with Casey Casem.

A few more to ponder....

Night Games-Graham Bonnet
I don't want to be a Freak-Dynasty
Rock and Roll Dream-Jim Steinman
Voyage Voyage-Desireless
Twisting by the Pool-Dire Straits (who?)
Black man Ray-China Crisis
Trouble-Heaven 17
WickyWacky-Fatback Band
Charlotte Anne-Julian Cope
Big Area- Then Jericho
Rain- The Cult
Talk Talk-Talk Talk
If I was- Midge "Live Aid" Ure

18th April 2005, 10:55
Spider Simpson? I remember Uncle Larry playing him to the bejausus a few years back, he was pretty good.

Any more of the home baesd bands than deserve a mention?

18th April 2005, 10:58
"just got lucky" - Jo Boxers
e= mc2 Big Audio Dynamite
"Ella Ella" - Frances Gall
Voyage Voyage - Desireless
Beds are Burning - midnight oil
To Live and die in LA - Wang Chung
Only Time Will Tell - Asia
Paranomia - Max Headroom and the Art of Noise
Fly too high - janis ian
walk out to winter - aztec camera

18th April 2005, 11:10
Fly Too High -I was just listening to that last night. (it's from the same soundtrack as On The Radio by Donna Summer).

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight -hated it at the time, love it now.

Working For The Weekend - Loverboy (Biiiiiigggg Hair)
If Loving You Is Wrong -Millie Jackson
It Should Have Been Me - Yvonne Fair

Well done on Narada's Divine Emotions btw - that just brings back great memories of the summer of 88

Dermot Breen
18th April 2005, 11:52
Easily one of the best threads in years! The memories!!

I think I've found a new feature for the Saturday morning show.

Anyone want to give me a hand to climb into the attic??

How about these pirate classics? I rmember them from ARD (oops, age showing!). Some great songs already selected. Let me add the following:

Charlie Dore - Pilot of the airwaves
Alessi Brothers - Oh Lori
PHD - I won't let you down (the classic NOVA fundraiser tune!)
Rose Royce - Wishing on a star/Is it love your after
Safety dance - can't remember who sang it!!
Vapours - Tuning Japanese
Jilted John - Jilted John
XTC - making plans for nigel
Joe Jackson - jumpin' jive

oh, I could go on..........

18th April 2005, 11:59
Safety Dance was Men Without Hats:)
The Charlie Dore track is great..I used to have it on viynl with the faded outro but I got a copy on CD a while back which finishes with the accapella intro..much better..btw..she has a new album out..useless info dept:)

18th April 2005, 12:01
Safety Dance was Men Without Hats:)
The Charlie Dore track is great..I used to have it on viynl with the faded outro but I got a copy on CD a while back which finishes with the accapella intro..much better..btw..she has a new album out..useless info dept:)

I think Admin ought o give us a download some of these tracks!

That or we all head over to Jolishan's; bring blank discs! :)

18th April 2005, 12:11
Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford
I Don't Care - Shakespeares Sister
we are detective - thompson twins
this corrosion - sisters of mercy (remember Energy 103 playing this one)
Dinner With Gershwin - Donna Summer
Atmospherics - Tom Robinson
Shakatak - "Don't throw your love away" (can't remember the name)
"in too deep" - Dead or Alive
"I'm an adult now" - the Pursuit of Happiness
"I don't mind at all" - Bourgious Tag (sp)
"Showing out" - Mel and Kim
I have the breakfast club on MP3 ... it gets up on the sofa and jumps up and down screaming "1987! 1987!".

JACK fm in Dublin is very good at getting on some fairly unusual songs b t w

18th April 2005, 12:14
Born Again by The Christians.

gem music indeed. Energy 103 played a lot of them at the time. The hit singles were Ideal World, Forgotten Town and Born again. I don't think Hooverville was ever a single. I got that album second hand some years ago and its class.

Love and Money anyone?

Or Voice of the Beehive? Underrated pop band who made some cracking power pop tunes (I say nothing, I walk the earth)

18th April 2005, 12:20
Love and Money - halleluiah man, strange kind of love and jocelyn square. They have a great best of. I bought it a few years ago, saw it recently in Golden Discs for about 3 euro.

Lita Ford is one I was trying to think of yesterday, I always remembered the opening ('Went to a party on Friday Night, Didn't get laid, got in a fight, a-ha it ain't no big thing....)

Better go

Night Slammer
18th April 2005, 12:30
Was'nt the Hitman & Her's Theme Tune - Timerider/Cocoon Darragh?

18th April 2005, 12:46
Billy Idol -To Be A Lover - forget all that Rebel Yell guff -To Be A Lover was a great tune.

Alphaville anyone?

When In Rome -The Promise?
The Bridge -Cactus World News
Angel - Fountainhead

Checking In Checking Out -High Llama's (1994)
Live Together - Lisa Stansfield - there's one you never hear anymore - much better that 'All Around the World aye aye aye' IMHO.

Katy Lied
18th April 2005, 13:34
Somewhere down the crazy river - Robbie Robertston

The Real Stuttering John
18th April 2005, 13:34
Glad to see that almost every one of those songs you have all mentioned are played on sun fm and sun80s.com (the 80s ones of course. The 70s ones mentioned were played alot on premier fm when they had the temporary license just before Christmas in Dublin. Magic fm plays lots of those songs also on the border. The ones that aren't there I guess might just appear soon if I can whisper in a little birdie's ear for sun fm!!!

Night Slammer
18th April 2005, 13:37
Billy Idol -To Be A Lover - forget all that Rebel Yell guff -To Be A Lover was a great tune.

Alphaville anyone?

When In Rome -The Promise?
The Bridge -Cactus World News
Angel - Fountainhead

Checking In Checking Out -High Llama's (1994)
Live Together - Lisa Stansfield - there's one you never hear anymore - much better that 'All Around the World aye aye aye' IMHO.

Alphaville...wow, they did'nt do much over here but apparently they are big in Japan!

I'll get my coat!

the valve
18th April 2005, 14:14

Sun 80's play it from time to time

I gave it a few spins myself when I was doin' East Coast Drive in the
(80's Doubleshot feature). Sunshine and Nova Played it crackin song!

18th April 2005, 14:28
Just to See Her by Smokey Robinson......Ahhhhhhh

18th April 2005, 16:07
Daisy Chain - No Time to Stop Believing in Love
Rosie Vela - Magic Smile
Taja Sevelle - Love is Contagious
David & David - Welcome to the Boomtown
The Bible - Graceland
Love & Money - Strange Kind of Love
The The - Heartland
Neno Dangelo - Guardian Angel
Jackson Browne - Somebody's Baby
Red Box - Lean on me
Mighty Wah - Story of the Blues
Soulsister - Way to your Heart
Mental as Anything - Live it Up
Christians - Forgotten Town
Scullion - Carol!
The Railway Children - Everybeat of the Heart

oh and the afore mentioned 12" of Wax - Right between the Eyes (huge Nova Tune - along with Toto - Stranger in Town)

and thats just off the top of my head!

18th April 2005, 16:25
Tom Clay -What the world needs now is love

And I can't believe that no one has posted Joey Scarbury -Believe it or Not.

18th April 2005, 18:14
a random picking from my MP3 player ... mainly 80s stuff here.

closest thing to heaven - kane gang
you're not the rule - Helen Watson (howya JJ)
You are my world - communards (you'd be surprised how often they charted)
wild wild life - talking heads
overkill - men at work
I'm not scared - 8th wonder
manchild - nenah cherry
belle of st mark - ?
9am - londonbeat
74/75 - the connells
closer than fine - indigo girls
bring on the dancing horses - echo and the bunnymen
heartbeat city - the cars
hedonism - skunk anansie
Londons Brilliant (?) - Wendy James .. this was from an album that Elvis Costello had written for her in the early 90s.
Voices Carry - til tuesday
midnight blue - lou gramm
stay the night- benjiman orr
once bitten, twice shy - vesta williams
putting on the ritz - taco (tacky)
Treason - teardrop explodes
Roadblock - Stock Aitken and Waterman
Rush - big audio dyanamite
Say I'm your number one - princess
shake you down - gregory abbott
since yesterday - strawberry switchblade (hiya tracey)
skin deep - the stranglers
southern freez - freez
the honey thief - hipsway
cruel to be king - nick lowe
hey manhatten - prefab sprout

18th April 2005, 18:38
Ah.. the mamories...

Aidan Mac
18th April 2005, 18:39
Im Very Poud to say that i have most of those songs from the 80s in my collection which i built since the early 80s starting out as a Dj,
And when working on radio in the 80s telling Listeners then, that we would be looking back to the 80s for great song and one hit wonders.
i now have the great Pleasure working in a station where i do a hole show of the 80s music.
And when im out gigging in bars or Functions and Especially Theme Nights
the 80s music has a wacky feel mood.

18th April 2005, 19:04
Just another few

O.M.D. - Talking loud & clear
1927 - Thats when i think of you
Cars - Heatbeat City
Simply Minds - Let there be love
Bad English - When i see you Smile
Wilson Philips - Release Me
Richard Marxs - Hold on to the night
Steely Dan - FM

18th April 2005, 19:07
Not trying to be an anorak, but Nova used to playlist the Jam Song....

18th April 2005, 19:07
1927 - That was a great song, excellent.

What about Kim Wilde's best song -You Came from 1988 or I've Been In Love Before by The Cutting Crew

Je Suis Un Rockstar by Bill Wyman -Class!!!!!

18th April 2005, 19:28
Mention of Joey Scarbury made me smile. I was in New York in the summer of 1981 and among a load of tunes I picked up 3 of them we added to the Sunshine playlist the day after I got back.Joey Scarbury was one..the other 2 were Endless Love-Diana Ross/Lionel Richie and Arthurs Theme by Christopher Cross.
The funny thing was that a couple of years earlier I had picked up on Cross's Ride Like The Wind ( found it in the 50p box in Dolphin Discs in Talbot St actually). I made it the power play on A.R.D. ( on the hour every hour God help us ) and it became a big hit here as did the album which became WB's biggest seller to date at the time. As a thank you they took me to London and I had lunch with Christopher Cross ( nice chap ), Anyway a couple of years on and as I said we playlisted Arthur and because WB had not intended releasing the track here for 2/3 months after we started playing it they had to import copies of the album and single from germany. They were so pissed at me they refused to give me any new releases for a month. I was suspended as it were. Even at the time I was hugely amused. I hadn't thought about that in ages. Talk about bringing back the memories:)
What a great thread:)
Chris Rea-A Raincoat And A Rose
Pure Prairie League-Let Me Love You Tonight
Stephen Bishop-Little Italy
Journey-Who's Crying Now
John Stewart-Daydream Believer
Michael Nesmith-Rio
keep them coming!

Steve Marshall
18th April 2005, 20:29
There's loads of them!

Donald Fagen-The Nitefly LP
Dan Hartman-Second Nature
Kane Gang-Motortown
Michael Mcdonald-Sweet Freedom
PHD-Won't Let You Down
It Bites-You'll Never Get To Heaven

and anything by Chris Rainbow!

18th April 2005, 20:54
Why don’t stations stop playing stuff like “I will survive” and “Eye of the tiger”and start playing these forgotten 45’s and forgotten album tracks???

Many of the songs mentioned in this thread can be heard on Radio 10 gold in Holland or tune into local radio stations for some great 80s shows(GB FM is surprisingly good for forgotten 80s tracks nightly from 7-8.

John Clarke on 2FM is also good for playing this stuff

Speaking of The Christians “Words” is another great track you never hear anymore.

18th April 2005, 21:32
Great story about Christopher Cross Jolishan.

What about Galaxy of Love by Crown Heights Affair or even Get Down by Gene Chandler, disco classics.

Piano In The Dark by Brenda Russell
Sky High by Jigsaw
Yer So Bad by Tom Pettey
Everything Your Heart Desires by Hall & Oates (I remember going into my local record shop to buy this single, I was 14, there was a really beautiful girl working there and of course I was a little nervous. I went up to her and said 'Excuse me, have you got Everything Your Heart Desires?' 'I do, she said, now piss off'


Others that spring to mind:

Like Dreamers Do by Mica Paris ( 88 really was a great year)
Love Wars by Womack and Womack
Gotta Get You Home Again Tonight by Eugene Wilder
Highway 5 by The Blessing
Going Down To Liverpool by The Bangles
Love Touch by Rod Stewart

Chains of Love by Erasure
Stop by Erasure
Out With her by The Blow Monkeys
Mornin' by Al Jarreau
We're In This Love Together by Al Jarreau

You're probably looking at this list and thinking that those songs are played on the radio, think again, the artists might, but those songs have been forgotten by programmers who stick to the same safe songs all the time.

Herbert mentioned Radio 10 Gold. This is the station that I would listen to most often, at work or on the road, well worth a listen if you want to hear oldies radio done properly with a playlist of more than just 200 songs.

Tracey Lee
18th April 2005, 22:24
WOW.. Some memories, guys.. and some excellent,excellent songs!!;)

Sun 80s play lots of those , I know..and that's great if you live in Dublin to hear them...:cry:

Imagine..SUN 80s..National....mmm..wouldn't that be fun!!!..:)

here's some more....
Stan Ridgeway-Camaflage,
Voice of a beehive-Don't call me baby,
Aha-Train of thought,
Scarlet Fantastic-No memory
Toto-Pamela..( Africa and Rosanna are played often still )
The primitives-Crash,

Personal Faves:--
Alphaville-Big in Japan,
Wang Chung-Dance Hall Days, everybody have fun tonight

Talk Talk-Today,
Escape Club-Wild,Wild west,
Men at work-Who can it be now,
Devo-Whip it,
Amazulu-Too good to be forgotten,
Amazulu-montego Bay,
George Michael-Monkey ( was played a lot on 80s pirates)

Anyway..hope there's a few people taking note of some of these brilliant, classic songs mentioned...

I agree..yes, that reason these are not played more often is because they are not on cd compilations etc...but it's 2005...internet..technology..surely not that hard to get hold of, and I bet some of the people who've posted may well have a classic or two ,tucked away in their collection...

So,..lets get out those vinyl cleaners, get up into those attics and start ......DIGGING FOR GOLD!!!!:)

18th April 2005, 22:39
here's another few
John Cougar-Cherry Bomb
Sergio Mndes Rainbows End / Never Gonna Let You Go ( found these 2 on a cd single in New York 3 years ago
Ronnie Milsap-Theres No Getting Over Me ( Sunshine Hit)
Moody Blues-Your Wildest Dreams
Gerry Rafferty-Right Down The Line
Gerry Rafferty-Night Owl
John Sebastian-Welcome Back
Nick Gilder-Hot Child In The City
Climax Blues Band-I Love You
By the way I have to say fair play. I had forgotten about the 1927 track completely. Took a while to find it. I'm still sneezing from dust:)

The Doc
19th April 2005, 00:40
There is a pirate in Cork, WABC on 104.8, that plays nearly all of the rare 80s listed above! One of the most requested songs on it is It Bites "Whole New World", a feckin classic!

19th April 2005, 00:54
From a root around my boxes of singles, LP's...

Wendy and Lisa - Waterfall
Joyce Sims - Come into my life
Simply Red - You've got it
Prince - U got the look
Shakespear Sister - You're history
Mai Tai - History ,or, Body and Soul
Scritti Politti - Word girl
U2 - Unforgettable fire
Psuedo Echo - Funky town
Style Council - Ever changin' moods
King - Taste of your tears
The Damned - Alone again or
Ultravox - Hymn
Echo and the bunnymen - Bring on the dancing horses
Denice Williams - Free
PIL - Rise
Latin Quarter - Radio Africa

The Doc
19th April 2005, 02:20
Easily the best thread here in 5 years! There is a pirate in Cork, WABC on 104.8, that plays nearly all of the rare 80s listed above! One of the most requested songs on it is It Bites "Whole New World", a feckin classic! Others include:

The Jets-Crush On You, You Got It All and Cross My Broken Heart
Nick Kamen-Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever and I Promised Myself
Debbie Gibson-Foolish Beat
Falco featuring Brigitte Neilsen-Body Next To Body
D Train-Walk On By
Belle Stars-The Clapping Song, IKO IKO and Sign Of The Times
Vikki D-This Beat Is Mine
The Associates-Party Fears Two and Club Country
Fiction Factory-Ghost Of Love
Alan Parsons Project-Old And Wise, Prime Time and Silence & I
Michael Franks-Alone At Night
Eddie Murphy-Party All The Time
Bertie Higgins-Tokyo Joe
Roxy Music-Lover and Take A Chance On Me
Stepaside-Going Back To The Last Resort
Tokyo Olympics-One Step From Paradise, Shot By Love
Pseudo Echo-Funky Town
The Pale Fountains-Thank You
Mel Brookes-Its Good To Be The King
Dee D Jackson-Automatic Lover
Dead Or Alive-Brand New Lover
Sharon Redd-Never Give You Up
Kids From Fame-Hi Fidelity, Desdemona, Mannequin and Friday Night
Alexander O Neal featuring Cherelle-Saturday Love
DeBarge-Whos Holding Donna Now
El DeBarge-Whos Johnny
Modern Talking-Your My Heart Your My Soul
A-ha-I've Been Losing You,Touchy,You Are The One,Manhattan Skyline
Duran Duran-My Own Way,The Chauffer,Skin Trade and Wild Boys
Arcadia-Election Day, The Promise (with Sting)
Red Box-Heart Of The Sun, For America, Lean On Me
Dire Straits-Love Over Gold
Lloyd Cole and The Commotions-Forest Fire, Rattlesnakes
Ice House-Hey Little Girl
Aztec Camera-Walk Out To Winter, Oblivious
Moody Blues-Blue World
Prince-Controversy, Batdance, Arms Of Orion
Ray Parker Junior-Girls Are More Fun
Tom Robinson-Atmospherics (listen to the radio)
Paul Davis-'65 Love Affair
Bucks Fizz-New Beginning
Blow Monkeys-It Doesnt Have To Be That Way,Out With Her,Celebrate (the day after you) featuring Curtis Mayfield
U2-Fire, Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)
Belinda Carlisle-Mad About You
The Go-Gos-Vacation, Our Lips Are Sealed, We Got The Beat
Nik Kershaw-Bogart,Gone To Pieces,One Step Ahead,Radio Musicola,Don Quixote
Desireless-Voyage Voyage
ABC-How To Be A Millionaire,Tower Of London,King Without A Crown,Night You Murdered Love,Be Near Me
Ultravox-Visions In Blue, Loves Great Adventure, Reap The Wild Wind
Thomas Dolby-Wind Power
Adam Ant-Room At The Top,Apollo9,Puss In Boots
ABBA-The Day Before You Came
Agnetha(from ABBA)-The Heat Is On
Frida(From ABBA)-Here We'll Stay (with Phil Collins),I Know Theres Something Going On
Phil Collins-I Cannot Believe Its True,If Leaving Me Is Easy
Gap Band-Big Fun
Men Without Hats-Safety Dance
Mental As Anythng-Live It Up
Donna Summer-Theme from The Deep
Pete Townsend-Face The Face
ZZ Top-TV Dinners
Howard Jones-All I Want
Pete Wylie (of WAH)-Diamond Girl,Sinful
8th Wonder-Cross My Heart
The Cars-Why Cant I Have You,You Are The Girl
London Beat-9AM
Big Audio Dynamite-Medicine Show
Richard Marx-Children Of The Night
Milli Vanilli-Girl I'm Gonna Miss You, Dont Forget My Number
Wilson Philips-You Wont See Me Cry
David Bowie-Loving The Alien,Magic Dance,Underground,Girls,When The Wind Blows
Toto-I Wont Hold You Back
INXS-Original Sin
George Michael-Hand To Mouth, Monkey (88 remix)
Cher-Heart Of Stone (Richie Sambora 7" Remix)
Phil Lynott-Yellow Pearl, Kings Call
Ronnie Milsap-Stranger In My House
Jeffrey Osbourne-Stay With Me Tonight
Stevie Wonder-That Girl
Christopher Cross-That Girl (not the Stevie one)
Child-Its Only Make Believe, It Might As Well Rain Until Sepember
Our Kid-You Just Might See Me Cry
Earth Wind and Fire-Star, Fall In Love With Me
Eruption-One Way Ticket,I Cant Stand The Rain
Climaxx-I Miss You
Timex Social Club-Mixed Up World, Rumours
Billy Idol-Dont Need A Gun
Men At Work-Overkill
Al Jarreau-Boogie Down,Trouble In Paradise
Kissing The Pink-The Last Film I Ever Saw
Chris De Burgh-High On Emotion, I Love The Night,

and of course:

It Bites-Whole New World

I could think of loads more but its late at night and I gotta hit the hay. Hope some of those brought back memories and no doubt will lead some people to relentlessly pursue these tracks as much as I have.

Tracey Lee
19th April 2005, 05:54
Hats off to ya, Herbert and The Doc....

Really loving this thread now, just keeps getting better and better!!!;)

Wouldn't it be great, if they had mp3 links to listen ...???
Y'know you're looking at the lists and singing them in your head!!!..and it's like..
God, I've love to hear that full blast right now!!!:)

19th April 2005, 07:59
Eddie Murphy' Party all the Time' well done doc for mentioning that.

Satisfaction -Wendy and Lisa
Catch Me I'm Falling -Pretty Poison
K.I.S.S.I.N.G. -Siedah Garret
Ease on Down The Road -Michael Jackson and Diana Ross
I Don't Wanna Lose You - Foreigner
Countdown - Lyndsey Buckingham
Last of The Sun -Cry Before Dawn
There's No Easy Way -James Ingram
First We Take Manhattan - Jennifer Warnes
In The Shape Of A Heart - Jackson Browne
For America -as above
Lives In The Balance - again as above
Crazy - Icehouse
Under The Milky Way - The Church (Sunshine fav)
A Better Love -Londonbeat
In The House of Stone and Light - Martin Paige
Life Is A Highway -Tom Cochrane
Shower Me With Your Love & The First Time - Surface
IOU -Freez
And the songs sampled by Mrs Becks -Don't Disturb The Groove - Surface (a real Sunshine 87/88 hit)

And two songs that really put a smile on my face

Do You Wanna Funk -Sylvester
Walk In The Park -Nick Straker Band

19th April 2005, 08:22
Don't slag me for this but what about:

Kenny Rogers - Eyes That See In The Dark

Whadda Song!!!!!

19th April 2005, 09:15
Jeez Wendy and Lisa - Waterfall, wow had forgotten all about that tune, fantastic. Had also forgotten about 1927 - Thats when I think of you. 2 I'll be searching for.

Anyone remember

Latin Quarter - No Rope as long as Time (I'll have a copy please!)
Quarterflash - Harden my Heart (that saxaphone!!!!!!)
Corey Heart - Never Surrender
Eddie Money - Take me home tonight (1 0 1 f m)
Information Society - Pure Energy (another sunshine tune)
The Church - Under the Milkyway
Til Tuesday - What about Love/Coming Up Close
Waterfront - Cry
Kenny Loggins - Dangerzone - first tune I played on the radio!
Killing Joke - Love like blood (what an intro)
Jackson Browne & JD Souther - Her Town Too.

oh and Irish wise.....

Audo de Fe - All is yellow, hot hot hot
Those Nervous Animals - My Friend John

Dearg that tune "belle of st mark" sheila E I think..... and yeah Kevins alright now apparently that they removed all copies of HElen Watson from his possesion lol.

19th April 2005, 09:24
I can't believe that someone has mentioned Kissing the Pink -I had a chat with RadioFriend recently and he had never heard of them, I was beginning to think it was just me -anyway - never too late to love you what a song and I should correct an earlier mistake: Don't Disturb This Groove was by The System and not Surface. Apologies for any distress to anoraks out there.

Wendy & Lisa - Sideshow
Looking for Linda -Hue & Cry
Oh Patti - Scritti Pollitti
One Man -Chanelle
Respect -Adeva
Amy Holland - How Do I Survive ( I think that she;s Michael McDonald's wife)
Best of Me - ONJ and David Foster
Next Time I Fall -Peter Cetera and Amy Grant
New York Eyes - Timmy Thomas and Nicole
Have You Ever Loved Somebody - Freddie Jackson

19th April 2005, 10:07
The Belle of St Mark was Sheila E.
If anyone should ever come across either the Tom Cochrane or Martin Page albums mentioned earleir buy them. Besides the 2 hit singles Life Is A Highway and In The House Of Stone And Light both albums are good listening.Page is a fine writer having had hits with We Built This City ( Starship) The King Of Wishful Thinking ( Go West ) and These Dreams ( Heart ) among others.
Dean Freidman-Ariel
Firefall-You Are The Woman
LIvingston Saturday Night-Jimmy Buffet
Mink DeVille-Spanish Stroll
McCoo And Davis-You Dont Have To Be A Star
Racing Cars-They Shoot Horses
Steve Gibbons Band-Tulane
Guy Marks- Loving You Has Made Me Bananas :)
keep them comin!

19th April 2005, 10:19
By the way Slicklink ( I swear I'm not going anorak) Her Town Too Was J.D. Souther and James Taylor not Jackson Browne..Just thought i'd mention it:)
Shine Silently-Nills Lofgren
Got A Hold On Me-Christine McVie

19th April 2005, 10:38
Of course jolishan .... temporary memory block!

A few others

Michael Damian - Was it nothing at all
Benny Mardones - Into the Night
Boys Club - I Remember holding You
Love and Rockets - So Alive
The Jets - Make it Real
Peter Cetera - One good Woman
Scitti Politti - Wood Beez/Absolute
Stevie Nicks - I Cant Wait
Captain Sensible - Glad its all over
Boz Skaggs - Heart of Mine
Cock Robin - Just around the Corner/The promise You Made
Glen Frey - Sexy Girl
Michael McDonald - Our Love
Aztec Camera - Deep Wide & Tall
The Big Dish - Slide

Tracy mentioned she would love the hyperlinks (I wont post it in html but exploseek.com is a nice toy!)

19th April 2005, 10:42
You beat me to it with Nick Kamen Doc, great tune.

As a S/A/W fan Id have to mention:

Lonnie Gordon - Happening All Over Again
Donna Summer - This Time I Know Its For Real
Sybil - When Im Good And Ready

Some more .....

Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle - Wait
Was Not Was - Shake Your Head
Luther Vandross - I Didnt Really Mean It
Pet Shop Boys - Heart

The aforementioned Jet - You Got It All (I remember hearing this as a kid just as I was getting interested in radio, big song for the pirates)

Some slower ones

LL Cool J - I Need Love
McAlmont & Butler - Yes
Lionel Richie - My Destiny
Wendy Moten - Come On In Out Of The Rain
Alison Moyet - Invisible
Genises - Follow You, Follow Me
Will To Power - Baby I Love Your Way
Dionne & Friends - Thats What Friends Are For
Stephen Bishop - Its You (song at the end of "Tootsie" movie)
Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love
Sade - By Your Side
Force MD's - Tender Love (One of the songs of the 80's pirates for me)
Blue Nile - Tinsel Town In The Rain

And uptempo songs we need to hear more of (good choices Iano)

Stephanie Mills - Never Knew Love Like This Before
Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You
Madonna - Borderline
NKOTB - Tonight
Technotronic - Rockin' Over The Beat (their 3rd single, never seems to be played as much as the first 2)
Prince - Little Red Corvette
Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science (I remember a DJ uncle playing the 12" of this to me when I was 8 and just going "wow!")
Grandmaster Flasah - Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel (Ditto, but too long in fairness to get radio play)
Lionel Ritchie - You Are
The Jacksons & Mick Jagger - State Of Shock (1st 12" I think I bought)
Ollie & Jerry - There's No Stoppin Us Now (from "Breakdance)
Chaka Kahn - I Feel For You (ditto)

Loads more!

Just to reiterate that loads of these can be heard in Dublin on Sun 80's, dont think they stream anymore tho which is a shame.

Great thread Tracy, now all we need is a reply from Scooter Fringe!



19th April 2005, 11:07
Crackin' thread!

Lots of new suggestions since I last read it, with some MAJOR flashbacks being triggered :)

And while some of the additions are again stuff that I regularly give a blast to, I've definitely got to head off to organise some new (or re-) additions to my playlist.....

Great thread, Tracy!

Dermot Breen
19th April 2005, 11:10
I know it's a cliché.......but oh, the memories. Speaking of memories:

Gladys Knight - the way we were/try to remember
Heatwave - Mind blowing decisions
It Bites - calling all the heroes

There's a market out there for this stuff - just look at the reaction to this thread!!

I've made a list of all the songs posted here so far. It's going to keep me going on the Saturday Show for a while!!

As they used to say "Tune in and rip the knob off"....... :king:

Shay Searson
19th April 2005, 11:16
:cheers: Fair play Tracey..just look what you started.looking through the 7 or so pages of posts I`ve realised this is the soundtrack to my life.
So ...why dont we hear these songs on the radio anymore ??

why is it always the same oldies played ?

come on music programmers why?

just to add to the never ending list..
anybody remember some great Irish music from that era...
Minor Detail - ask the kids or canvas of life.
Les Enfants (from Cork I Think) or those nervous animals..

how about...
The Force mds - tender love.
D.C.Lee - see the day.
Snowey White - bird of paradise.
Peter Schilling - major tom is coming home.
The Look - I am the beat.
Tony Carey - A fine day.
Xtc - Sgt Rock / Making plans for Nigel.
Meatloaf - Paradise by the dashboard lights.
Red Box - Lean on me.
Incantation - cacharpaya.
Trio - Da da da.
Thom Pace - Maybe.
China Crisis - king in a catholic style / you did cut me/ black man ray.
The Strawbs - part of the union.
Steven Bishop - it might be you.
Henry Gross - shannon.

Time to go back into the attic.

19th April 2005, 11:27
Hey Shay I used to listen to you when I was in school. That's primary school by the way.

Just listening to some stuff at home this morning. This lot jumped out at me:

Benny Medina - Who Comes To Boogie
This Place Hotel -The Jacksons
Massive Attack -Safe From Harm
PM Dawn -Set Adrift

Shay Searson
19th April 2005, 12:55
[QUOTE=shecaughtthekaty]Hey Shay I used to listen to you when I was in school. That's primary school by the way.

Thanks :lol: If the music wasn`t enough to make me feel old that post has pushed me over the edge....unless you were kept back a few years ....just to see if you would grow some more :moon: only kidding..
sadly the only show that plays the sort of music we`re talking about is John Clark On 2fm sunday @ Lunchtime...Fair play Mr.C.

19th April 2005, 13:15
And they just keep coming!
Liverpool Express-So What
Liverpool Express-You Are My Love
It's Immaterial-Driving Away From Home
Steve Earle-Copperhead Road
Keith Marshall-Only Crying
Ami Stewart-Friends
Patti Austin-Every Home Should Have One
Lindsay Buckingham-Trouble
After The Fire-Der Kommisar
Jim Capaldi ( R.I.P.) Thats Love
Marty Balin-Hearts
Maisonettes-Heartache Avenue
Mezzofirte-Garden Party

19th April 2005, 13:29
Great list Jolishan

Angel of the Morning / Love's Been a Little Bit Hard on Me - Juice Newton
Bad Boy/Words Get In the Way - Miami Sound Machine
Here We Are - Gloria Estefan
China Crisis - Tragedy and Mystery
Stand By My Woman - Lenny Kravitz
Why Can't This Be Love - Van Halen
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Be Near Me - ABC
Wedding Bells -Godley & Creme
and a MJ track that I have rarely heard on the radio in the last 15 years:

I Just Can't Stop Loving You.

19th April 2005, 14:10
Shay Searson said:
>this is the soundtrack to my life.
>So ...why dont we hear these songs on the radio anymore ??

>why is it always the same oldies played ?

>come on music programmers why?

The reason is partly that these songs are not on compilation Cds, but moreso that most music programmers are lazy sods and don't really know what they are doing.

Many of them are too young and/or do not posess the right type of musical knowledge to programme the right music on their particular station.

In fact, many of them don't deserve their jobs at all.

Ever listen to Today FM's 80s thing? Rubbish. Same songs every week, and same same tired old songs.

Never these:

Captain of her heart - Double
Miles of Eyes - Jimmy McCarthy
What time is it? - The Kane Gang
Never Satisfied - Michael Franks
Love's Crashing Waves - Difford and Tillbrook

19th April 2005, 14:21
Getting tired yet?:)
Alan Parsons-The Turn Of A Friendly Card
B.A. Robertson & Maggie Bell-Hold Me
Donna Summer-State of Independence
Gary U.S. Bonds-This Little Girl
Karla Bonnoff-Personaly
Hi-Gloss-You'll Never Know
John Martyn-Sweet Little Mystery
Lulu-I Could Never Miss You
Quincy Jones-Just Once
Quincy Jones-One Hundred Ways
Stevie Winwood-While You See A Chance Take It
Susan Fassbender-Twilight Cafe
Terri Gibbs-Somebody'a Knockin' ( Sunshine Hit )
Genesis-Turn It On Again
Gerard Kenny-New York New York ( A bugger to find on CD too me an age )
Jona Lewie-Kitchen At Parties
Karel Fialka-The Eyes Have It
Richard " Dimple " Fields-If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
Ric Ocasak-Emotions In Motion ( Another good album by the way )
Halo James-Could Have Told You So
Of the songs listed so far I have been able to add 19 songs to my laptop that I had totally forgotten about..many thanks so far:)

Aidan Mac
19th April 2005, 14:29
ok here a 80s hit only in ireland froman up and coming band the song was called heartand soul Name the band.
aslo two members fromthe band the boomtown rat had a song out in the 80s
name the band and the song
this while rattle your brain.

19th April 2005, 14:43
ok here a 80s hit only in ireland froman up and coming band the song was called heartand soul Name the band.
aslo two members fromthe band the boomtown rat had a song out in the 80s
name the band and the song
this while rattle your brain.

I speak fluent English so I will try to decipher this and give an answer.

The Boomtown Rats one was Gung Ho - Play to Win - 1987

The Heart and Soul one may have been No Sweat

The Doc
19th April 2005, 14:45
WOW! And the hits just keep on comin eh. Its great to see so many brilliant contributions here, each and every one of them! Great thread Tracey...and speaking of Tracey who remembers;

Tracey-The House That Jack Built
New Order-Confusion
Its Immaterial-Space
Samantha Sang-Emotion
Diana Ross-Eaten Alive
Rocky Sharpe And The Replays-Shout Shout Knock Yourself Out
Grace Jones-I'm Not Perfect (but I'm Perfect For You) and Slave To The Rythm (Blooded 12" mix)
Art Of Noise-Close to the Edge
Norman Starsedt (Peter's brother!)-My Resistance Is Low
Cliff Richard-I Just Dont Have The Heart
Bobby Brown-Every Little Step, Roni, On Our Own (From Ghostbuster II)
Pet Shop Boys-Paninaro, In The Night, Love Comes Quickly and Rent
Liza Minelli-Losing My Mind
Amy Grant-Baby Baby
Scritti Politti-The Perfect Way
Chaka Khan-Eye To Eye and This Is My Night
REO Speedwagon-In Your Letter
Break Machine-Breakdance Party and Streetdance
Stephanie Mills-The Medicine Song
Rod Stewart-Love Touch
Boystown Gang-Cant Take My Eyes Off You
The Rocksteady Crew-Hey You The Rocksteady Crew
David Sylvian-Red Giutar, Pulling Punches, and Forbidden Colours
Monsoon-Ever So Lonely
Fred Wedlock_The Oldest Swinger In Town
BA Robertson-Kool In The Kaftan, Knocked It Off, Bang Bang and To Be Or Not To Be
The Jacksons-Walk Right Now
Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger-State Of Shock
Cock Robin-Worlds Apart
Charlie Sexton-Beat So Lonely
Love And Rockets-So Alive
Rick Springfield-Human Touch, Motel Eyes
Fabulous Thunderbirds-Tuff Enuff
John Taylor (from Duran Duran)-I Do What I Do (from movie 9 1/2 Weeks)
Corey Hart-Cant Help Falling In Love With You (old Elvis song, great version though)
Kenny Rogers-Morning Desire and Through The Years
USA For Africa-We Are The World
The Concept-Mr DJ
Ready For The World-Oh Sheila
Heart-Theres The Girl and If Looks Could Kill
Freez-Pop Goes My Love
David Cassidy-The Last Kiss and Romance
Visage-Night Train, Mind Of A Toy and Damned Dont Cry
David A Stewart-Heart Of Stone
Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin-Busy Doing Nothing

and finally this one is appropriate

Paul Young-Tomb Of Memories

I'm sure I'll think of more later. Anyone remember who sang "It takes 2 to tango" in the 70s and "Shame on me" in the mid 80s? I'd appreciate any help.

19th April 2005, 14:56
So Jolishan I'll just use your list from your last thread and change the song titles.....lol.

Alan Parsons Project - Dont Answer Me
BA Robertson - Bang Bang
Karl Fialka - Hey Matthew
Steve Winwood - Roll with it
Genesis - In Too Deep ok eh I'll give up there

but but but.... Few more gems

Chris Rea - Loving You Again
The Escape Club - Wild Wild West
The Hooters - Satelite
Paul Carrack - Dont Shed A Tear
Jon Secada - Just ANother Day
The Outfield - Your Love
The Pursuit of Happiness - Shes So Young
The Rainmakers - Let my people go go
Eric Carmen - Make me loose Control
Bruce Hornsby - Mandolin Rain
Starship - Sara
Boys Dont Cry - I wanna be a Cowboy

and Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday (and Annabel classic!)
Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy
Yazz - Fine Time

19th April 2005, 15:07
Information Society = What's On Your Mind
The Outfield with Terry Hall (different group) - Thinking of You
Mike and The Mechanics - Taken In, Word of Mouth and Everybody Gets A Second Chance
Gladys Knight -Bourgie Bourgie - & Love Overboard
Furniture -Brilliant Mind
Dream Warriors -My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style
Glen Goldsmith -Dreaming
Jonathan Butler -Lies
Ruby Turner - If You're Ready and I'd Rather Go Blind.
Poco -Call It Love

The Eve of War -jeff Wayne - dun dun dun......dun dun dun......

19th April 2005, 15:27
Anorak time again The Doc:).It was Robin Sarstedt -My Resistance Is Low 1976 i thinkwho was indeed Peters brother and as we are getting into trivia can you name Peters other brother who had a UK number one?:)

Katy Lied
19th April 2005, 15:35
Doc - not sure about these but will hazard a guess: It Takes two to tango - Todd Rundgren (sp.) and Shame on Me - Ryan Cabrera??


19th April 2005, 15:53
the 2 to Tango tune from the 70s is probably "Sailor"

The Shame on You tune from the 80s is probably "the Motels"

19th April 2005, 18:47
Shame On You was Gun..It Takes Two To Tango was from the late 70's-Richard Myhill

The Doc
19th April 2005, 20:06
Thanks guys, but theres too many conflicting answers to know which is the correct one. Yes I made a mistake on Robin Starsedt, thanks for that. Got a few more gems here off the top of my head;

Bee Gees-Someone Belonging To Someone
Natasha-Iko Iko
Bomb The Bass-I Say A Little Prayer
Whitney Heuston-Moment Of Truth
Jon Anderson-Surrender
Wham!-Wham Rap '86, Battlestations and Where Did Your Heart Go
Was Not Was-Spy In The House Of Love
Queen-Body Language and Las Palabras D'amour
Frazier Chorus-Dream Kitchen
Danny Wilson-I Cant Wait, Never Gonna Be The Same and A Girl I Used To Know
Eddy Grant-I Love You Yes I Love You, Til I Cant Take Love No More and Romancing The Stone
Bill Ocean-Loverboy
Kenny Everett-Snot Rap
Nick Heyward-Take That Situation, Warning Sign and Blue Hat for A Blue Day
ABC-SOS, That Was Then But This Is Now, 15 Storey Halo and Vanity Kills
Spandau Ballet-Heaven Is A Secret, Instinction and How Many Lies
Billy Idol-Flesh For Fantasy and Cradle Of Love
Heaven 17-Let Me Go, Come Live With Me and This Is Mine
Gung Ho-Play To Win
Survivor-Burning Heart
Colourfield-She and Runaway
Slade-My Oh My
Sweet Sensation-Love Child
Sherrick-Just Call
Janet Jackson-Love Will Never Do Without Do Without You, Black Cat, Escapade and Rhythm Nation 1814 and Diamonds (with Herb Albert)
Paula Abdul-Promise Of A New Day
XTC-The Disappointed
Depeche Mode-New Life, See You, A Question Of Lust, The Meaning Of Love, Enjoy The Silence, Behind The Wheel and Policy Of Truth
Steve Walsh-I Found Lovin
Rick James-Dance Wit Me
Beach Boys-Getcha back, Lady Linda and Still Cruisin
The Coconuts-Why Did Ya Have To Love Me Like You Did
White and Torch-Parade
David Bowie-Blue Jean, Day-in Day-out, Time Will Crawl and Tonight (with Tina Turner)
Pepsi and Shirley-If You Cant Give Me Love and All Right Now
Bananarama-Cheers Then
Level 42-Out Of Sight Out Of Mind and Children Say
Laura Brannigan-The Lucky One and Ti Amo
Galaxy feat Phil Fearon-Everybodys Laughing
Forrest-Rock The Boat and Dancing With My Shadow (written by M Jackson)
Chicago-If She Wouldve Been Faithful, Along Comes A Woman (7" Mix) and I Remember The Feeling
Gary Moore-Empty Rooms (Summer '85 mix)
Rah Band-The Crunch
Mecco-Star Wars Theme
Pointer Sisters-American Music (used as theme to MT USA)
Gary Byrd and the GB Experience-The Crown
David Grant-Watching You Watching Me
Central Line-Nature Boy
Orange Juice-Rip It Up and Flesh Of My Flesh
Dave Stewart feat Colin Blunstone-What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
Hall and Oates-Adult Education, Posession Obsession, Did It In A Minute
Mike Oldfield-Family Man (also Hall and Oates)
Paul Young-I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Pale Fountains-Thank You
The Dukes-Mystery Girl and Thank You For The Party
Temptations feat Smokey Robinson-Indstructible
Tight Fit-Secret Heart, Back To The 60s and Fantasy Island
Gidea Park-Beach Boy Gold
Lobo-The Carribean Disco Show
Enigma-Aint No Stopping Us Now
Kane Gang-Gun Law
Candidate-I Dont Want To Lose You and Girls Girls Girls
China Crisis-Best Kept Secret
Mel and Kim-Thats The Way It Is
Erasure-Stop and Drama
The Cars-Round and Round and Magic
Huey Lewis and the News-Back In Time, Hip To Be Square and Jacobs Ladder
Prefab Sprout-Looking For Atlantis, Nightengales and I Remember That
Steely Dan-Hey 19
Paul Harcastle-Dont Waste My Time and The Wizard
Style Council-It Didnt Matter and The Paris Match

Thats it for now, must give my brain a break and think up of more forgotten classics later.
BTW does anyone know who had the original version of Ti Amo ?

19th April 2005, 21:07
The original Ti Amo was done by Umberto Tozzi who also did the original of Gloria ( Laura Branigan). A little man with a wonderful laugh called Howard Carpendale did the cover that was a hit here on Lightning Records. I was working for Lightning at the time in London and remember it was a huge seller in Limerick in particular..no idea why..and by the way Doc..the 2 names Gun and Richard Myhill are 100% :)

The Doc
20th April 2005, 01:42
Thanks for that jolishan :cheers: , however the song Shame On You by Gun came out in 1990 and is not the version I referred to earlier. It had a female vocalist and as I said earlier was a mid-80s release-theres no female singer in Gun. I looked at their Discography and Taking On The World was their first album release August 1st 1990. The song went like this "shame on me, shame on you, shame on every little thing that we do". So I'm still in the dark I'm afraid.

A few more memories here;

Dean Freidman-McDonald's Girl
Freddie White-Frozen Heart
Manhattan Transfer-The Spice Of Life
Captain Sensible-Wot
Steve Winwood-When you See A Chance
Stevie Wonder-I Wish and Do I Do
Kim Appleby-Dont Worry
Kriss Kross-Jump
Musical Youth-The Youth Of Today
Malcom Maclaren-Double Dutch, Buffalo Gals and Waltz Darling
The Other Ones-Holiday
Dalbello-Lets Tango
Big Fun-Blame It On The Boogie and Cant Shake The Feeling
Bros-Try, Drop The Boy, I Quit and Cat Amoung The Pigeons
Curiousity Killed the Cat-Ordinary Day
London Boys-London Nights and Requiem
Kon Kan-I Beg Your Pardon
Edelweiss-Bring Me Edelweiss
Sandra-(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena, Heaven Can Wait and Everlasting Love
Europe-Carrie and Rock The Night
Laid Back-Sunshine Reggae
Soft Cell-What, Say Hello Wave Goodbye, Bedsitter and Where Did Our Love Go
Andy Gibb-Everlasting Love
Dream Academy-The Love Parade
Army Of Lovers-Crucified
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam_I Wonder If I Could Take You Home
Samantha Fox-Naughty Girls, Love House, and Touch Me
James Ingram-Just Once
Rockwell-Peeping Tom
Stacey Q-Two Of Hearts
Alphaville-Forever Young
2 Live Crew-Me So Horny
Styx-Mr Roboto
U2-I Will Follow and Gloria
Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train
The FIXX-One Thing Leads To Another
Van Halen-Why Cant This Be Love and Hot For Teacher
Elton John and George Michael-Wrap Her Up
Mr Mister-Is It Love
Don Henley-Dirty Laundry and The Heart Of The Matter
Icicle Works-Love Is A Wonderful Colour
Police-Invisible Sun, Synchronicity, King Of Pain and Canary In A Coalmine
Corey Heart-Sunglasses At Night
Power Station-Some Like It Hot and Get It On
Herbie Hancock-Rockit
When In Rome-The Promise
Pat Benetar-Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Invincible
Annabelle Lamb-Riders On The Storm (great version of Doors classic)
Rosie Vela-Magic Smile
Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians-Circle
Cyndi Lauper-Money Changes Everything, She Bop and All Through The Night
Kajagoogoo-The Big Apple and Ooh To Be Ahh
Rick Astley-It Would Take A Strong Strong Man and She Wants To Dance With Me
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-I Hate Myself For Loving You
Melba More-Mind Up Tonight and Loves Comin At Ya
Trans X-Living On Video
Sharpe and Numan-Change Your Mind
Sal Solo (from Calssix Nouveau)-Sandiamo
Dollar-Give Me Back My Heart, Hand Held In Black and White and Videotech
Bryan Adams-One Night Love Affair
Falco-Der Kommisar
REM-End Of The World As We Know It
Tears For Fears-Pale Shelter, Change and Head Over Heels
Alan Parsons Project-Eye In The Sky
The Bangles-Be With You
Joy Division-Atmosphere
The Sugarcubes-Regina
Billy Griffin-Hold Me Tighter In The Rain
Adam and the Ants-Antmusic
Aerosmith-Sweet Emotion and Angel
Run DMC-Its Tricky
Eddie Rabbitt-Every Which Way But Lose and I Love The Rainy Night
Nick Kamen (Madonna on backing vocals) -Each Time You Break My Heart
Huey Lewis and the News-I Want A New Drug
Eurthymics-Shame, I Love To Listen To Beethoven and Julia (from movie "1984")
France Gall-Ella Elle L'a
Queen-Hammer To Fall
T'Pau-Valentine and Secret Garden
Carrie McDowell-Uh Uh No No Casual Sex
Culture Club-The War Song, Move Away and God Thank You Woman
Matchbox-When You Ask About Love and Angels On Sunday
AC/DC-Who Made Who
NKOTB-The Right Stuff and Cover Girl
Tom Tom Club-Genius Of Love and Wordy Wrappinghood
Peter Gabriel-Big Time and Steam
Human League-Open Your Heart, The Sound Of The Crowd and Being Boiled
Tiffany-Could've Been
The Pretenders-If There Was A Man
Bruce Willis(ya THAT Bruce Willis)-Under The Boardwalk and Secret Agent Man
The Passions-I'm In Love With a German Film Star
Freddie Mercury-Love Kills and I Was Born To Love You
ZZ Top-Legs and TV Dinners
Kraftwerk-Showroom Dummies, Tour De France and Computer Love
Sheena Easton-The Lover In Me
Sioxsie and the Banshees-Dear Prudence
The Jam-The Bitterest Pill
Depeche Mode-Leave In Silence
Yazoo-The Other Side Of Love
PhD-Little Susie's On The Up
Big Country-One Great Thing
Patrice Rushen-I Was Tired Of Being Alone
Milli Vanilli-Blame It On The Rain
Choirboys-Hey You
Imagination-In The Heat Of The Night and Music & Lights
Diana Ross-Muscles
Yes-Leave It
David Lee Roth-Just A Gigolo and California Girls
The Cure-Lullaby
Gary Numan-She's Got Claws and Music for Chameleons
Stevie Nicks-Edge Of Seventeen
Love and Rockets-I'm Alive
The Art Company-Susanna
Robbie Neville-Dominoes
Flash In the Pan-Waiting for A Train
Toyah-Rebel Run, I Want To Be Free and Its A Mystery
Janet Jackson-Miss You Much
The Buggles-Living In The Plastic Age
The Dooleys-Love Of My Life, Wanted and Every Rose Has To Die
Duran Duran-Notorious and Meet El Presidente

Phew! Got carried away there! Too tired right now to think of any more. I have plenty more though in my head. Now, all you PDs in stations around the country ought to get a good collective kick up the arse for ignoring all the great tunes listed in this thread and to them all I say..."Shame on You"!

20th April 2005, 02:51

It wouldve been worth your while dumping the kids with the hubbie and coming up to the stores last night. I played about an hour of all the lost classics, actually had a few people up asking for some obscure tracks. Dug out Wang Chung, Go West, RAH Band and loads more. I really enjoyed it!

Tracey Lee
20th April 2005, 05:38
Maybe next week, Darragh..if I ask him nicely....:innocent:

Wang Chung:notworthy ..

The Doc
20th April 2005, 20:45
By the way if you're in Cork city tune in to 104.8 WABC to hear most those rare tunes listed. Another station is WLR in Waterford and a show called Rolled Gold with Roddy Clare on Sunday from 5, both of these are compulsive listening to hear all the great old radio tunes now mostly forgotten. :cry:

21st April 2005, 13:03
"never gonna fall in love again" - tom robinson band
"sense"- lightning seeds
"big time sensuality" - bjork (college favourite)

21st April 2005, 15:54
Back in 1988 one Rob Allen (of 96FM fame) gave a song called 'Niagara Falls' from the band Chicago some fairly heavy airplay - this was on the station in Cork at the time using the name 'South Coast' (formerly WBEN)
Now theres a song I haven't heard on ANY station since the 1980s!

21st April 2005, 19:24
Tom Robinson - Hard

Here's a couple we used to play on ABC in the 80s:

The Eastern Side - Dale Hargreaves
It Ain't Fair - Edwin Starr (marvellous - wish I could get it)
Smilin' Islands - Robbie Patton
Eloise - The Damned (was it? I think? - also the original by Barry Ryan)

21st April 2005, 22:03
Hey Tabasco - that Edwin Starr song was great. I think it might have been about late 84/85?? (IIRC) Eloise was The Damned- -early 1986

No frills
21st April 2005, 22:49
Al jarreau - Morning - 1983
Timbuk 3 - The Future's so bright I gotta wear shades 1988
Steely Dan - Glamour Profession 1980 - Gaucho
Donald Fagen - IGY 1982
Michael Franks - Rainy Night in Tokyo - Passsionfruit 1983
Flash in the pan - waiting for the train 1983

Songs you definitely should be hearing on the radio today and what a shame we're not. Shame on PD's

22nd April 2005, 01:48
shecaughtthekaty ..ah damn it..lets go pirate:).I was just playing Voyager-Halfway Hotel..another song i had more or less forgotten about till i saw it listed here..fair play
Poco-Rose Of Cimmeron
Joe Walsh-Lifes Been Good
Concrete And Clay-Randy Edleman
Duanne Eddy-Play Me Like You Play Your Old Guitar
Kevin Johnson-Rock'N'Roll I Gave You The Best Days Of My Life
Aretha Franklin-Don't Play That Song
Bob Dylan-Watching The River Flow
Badfinger-No Matter What/Day After Day/Come And Get It
Breathe-Hands To Heaven
Eagles-The Long Run
Steely Dan-My Old School
Randy Newman-Short People
Keep Them Comin!

22nd April 2005, 08:29
Hey Jolishan, great - Hand to Heaven by Breathe was a great song. The Dublin pirates also used to play a song by them called 'How Can I Fall'. Excellent band and hugely under-rated.

As a result of this thread I have made a decision that has cheesed off Mrs Shecaughthekaty. I'm buying a turntable asap. Just looking at this list I realised that I have loads of great stuff that would cost tens of thousands to replace on CD and I'm not a huge fan of illegal downloading.

Anyone remember Blue Mercedes -I Want To Be Your Property. Great song and an extremely camp band. They also had failed singles called 'Treehouse' and 'See Want Have' That would have been about 87.

I read recemtly in a Sunday paper that they reckon that the music thay you heard between the ages of 14 and 17 stays with you forever and I have to say that the stuff that was out in the late 80's was great. Particularly the Billboard Hot 100 hits.

With regard to the above list Jolishan, all great songs except for two that are good songs but have been ruined for me.

I was forced to play that Kevin Johnston song nearly every day for two years at a legal station I worked at and being only 5 feet tall the Randy Newman song is a sore point.!!!!!

22nd April 2005, 09:27
Would you credit this?. Because of this thread I was kickstarted into re-looking for a few things I had taken off viynl. I actually managed to get a CD copy of David Castle's Ten To Eight!. Anorak or what!.
shecaughtthekaty consider the Kevin Johnson track withdrawen and buried in a drawer somewhere for 5 years then..as for Randy Newman..He would forgive you..for a munchken you have excellent tatse in music:))
Stay The Night-Benjamin Orr
Don't Talk To Strangers-Rick Springfield
Love The One You're With-Stephen Stills
Don't Ask Me Why-Billy Joel
Only Want To Be With You-Hootie & Blowfish
Runaround-Blues Traveller
Keep them coming!

22nd April 2005, 09:36
How about

Freeway of Love and Another Night by Aretha Franklin
Martha's Harbour - All About Eve
Roses are Red - Mac Band and The Campbell Brothers

Has anyone mentioned Bad Case of Loving You by Robert Palmer?????

My Love Is Waiting by Marvin Gaye
A Little More Love by Olivia Newton John
Nobody Told Me -John Lennon
Photograph -Ringo

Press from 1986 by Paul McCartney - one of my fave Macca songs..

Aidan Mac
22nd April 2005, 12:10
How about
bad manners
the beat
cult she sell santurery dont here it any more and should be played on breakfast show ,what a way to start your day.
when i was donig the rock show on tippfm it was the most requested song.
also there were some great punk band in the 80s and when you play them know at gigs, You see smiling faces ( Thats cool) :p

the jury
22nd April 2005, 13:18
there were some great punk band in the 80s and when you play them know at gigs, You see smiling faces ( Thats cool) :p

sh#t I`d love to go one on your gigs .... :cheers: punk ! no way .... :nutter: where do you gig ....?? let me know where your next big gig is....

punk rules..... :moon:

22nd April 2005, 15:58
From another raid of the collection...

Matt Bianco - Get out of your lazy bed
China Crisis - Wishful thinking
Duran Duran - New moon on Monday
Go-Betweens - Streets of your town
Carly Simon - Coming around again
Chris Rea - Steel River
Kane gang - Respect yourself
Sherbet - Howzat
UB40 - If it happens again
Bon Jovi - Bad medicine
Communards - So cold the night
Van Morrison - Natalia
OMD - Locomation
Art Company - Suzanna
Climie Fisher - Rise to the occasion
Inner city - Big fun
Ten sharp - You
Japan - Quiet life
Bruce Springsteen - Cover me OR I'm going down
The Fountainhead - Feel it now
Simple Minds - Glittering prize

22nd April 2005, 20:55
I've been pottering around the house tonight and here's a few others that have sprung to mind:

Girl Can't Help It - Journey
Let's Work -Mick Jagger
the Girl With The Far Away Eyes - The Rolling Stone
Life on Your Own - Human League
When Will You Make My Phone Ring - Deacon Blue
25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago
Little Jeannie - Elton John
Familiar Pain - Restless Heart ( around 1991 this was a South East Radio favourite)
99 - Toto

Great songs - Keep em coming folks.

23rd April 2005, 13:42
Here's a few more that I came across today:

Jigsaw - Sky High
One 2 Many - Downtown (just listening to it now, great piano)
OTT - The Story of Love - a great Irish song
Pilot -Magic
Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
Sandford Townsend Band -Smoke From A Distant Fire
The Hollies - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress
Jim Croce- I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
Rupert Holmes - Morning Man

I was listening to Hinterland's Deset Boots (and Duffel Coats) last night -good Irish band went nowhere, good song though

Swim -I Believe and Rachel -another 1990 Irish band, signed to MCA at the time, they had a great sound. Plenty of airplay and Rachel made the Irish charts, but again nothing, never on the radio these days. even with the 30% Irish rule

Fast Ball -The Way

The Smiths - Most stuff, the only songs you are ever likely to hear are 'This Charming Man' and 'Panic', what about 'Ask', 'Sheila Take A Bow' and others.

Four of Us - Drag My Bad Name Down - They have recorded stuff other than Mary (that's a note to all programmers)

What this thread has proved is how narrow the playlists of most stations around the country are. There is a mob mentality, that those stations who haven't carried out their own auditorium testing will just copy another station. Therefore a non Dublin station will copy 98/Q and play a very limited amount of songs. This formula gets copied and hey presto -people actually believe that The Smith only recorded one song and that Cyndi Lauper only ever had a one single deal.

On the other side we are all sad anoraks and the average joe soap that buys Celine Dion 'tapes' and Dido CD's is getting what they want. True? Well actually no. Those Celine and Dido fans obviously bought enough copies of Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs to put it in the top five in this country. Did they just listen to one song (the hit single) and then bin the album, no they didn't. When Steely Dan filled the Point in 1996 did the 8 or 9 thousand people there just walk out after 'Reeling In The Years' or 'Do It Again', No. When the people behind Now! and other compilations that chart the years put out albums with hits and cuts that are hard to find, do they sit in their skyscrapers in London and say 'we'll put that Furniture song on only for the anoraks in radio land out there'. Again and again, No. People like these songs and they arte being badly served by programmers.

Someone on another thread recently dismissed the possibility that a station could have 200 songs in its active playlist. For a CHR, that mightn't be so bad. Here's an example. APPARENTLY (that bit is important) The Wolf in Wolverhampton was an AC station with a high degree of oldies on its playlist, it was managed at the time by one Kieran McGeary. How many songs did they have on their playlist overall.

the answer


You have read that right. One hundred and ninety nine.

Shocking. Is it any wonder that people are buying iPods and that radio listenership is falling. You may love 'Hotel California' but how many times a week could your bare to hear it?

The USA which so many of us here use as an example is going through an interesting phase. High rotation oldies and AC stations are switching to the rather loose Jack FM format, the idea behind it is the same as an iPod on shuffle, thousands of songs as opposed to the same few hundred time after time.

I rest my case.

As always - Keep em coming.

23rd April 2005, 19:05
Jasus your an Awful Man for kicking up ... :ranting:

The Doc
24th April 2005, 19:39
Here's a few more to add to the ever growing list of Songs You Never Hear On The Radio Anymore Thanks To Clueless, Lazy Station PDs :swearing: :ranting: :frust: !!!!!!

Narada-Divine Emotions
Fuzzbox-Pink Sunshine, International Rescue
Tommy Tutone-867-5309/Jenny
Living Color-Cult Of Personality
Til Tuesday-What About Love
Randy Meisner-Hearts On Fire
Mel and Kim-F.L.M.
NKOTB-Hangin Tough
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five-Vice
Kim Wilde-Never Trust A Stranger, 4 Letter Word
Kim Wilde/Junior-Another Step Closer
H20-Dream To Sleep
Culture Club-Work On Me Baby
Duran Duran-New Moon On Monday
Joe Jackson-Happy Ending
Talking Heads-This Must Be The Place
Soft Cell-Where The Heart Is, Down In The Subway
Steve Miller Band-Keeps Me Wondering Why
Toni Basil-Nobody
Bruce Foxton-Freak
Jellybean-Who Made Who, The Real Thing
Haysi Fantayzee-John Wayne Is Big Leggy, Shiny Shiny
Bryan Ferry-The Right Stuff, Kiss And Tell, Limbo
Then Jericho-Big Area
Scarlet Fantastic-No Memory
Spear Of Destiny-The Traveller
The Skids-Circus Games
The Cult-She Sells Sanctuary, Love Like Blood
Westworld-Sonic Boom Boy, Silver Mac
The Bluebells-I'm Falling
Stagalee-Give A Little Love (another obscure Irish Band, have vague memory of them)
The FIXX-Stand Or Fall
Elton John/Millie Jackson-Act Of War
Elton John/Jennifer Rush-Flames Of Paradise
Jennifer Rush- Destiny, Ring Of Ice
Shakatak-Day By Day, Invitations, Easier Said Than Done, Dont Blame It on Love, Down On The Street
Change-Change Of Heart
Dollar-You Gimme Some Kind Of Magic
S'Express-Hey Music Lover, Superfly Guy
Bomb The Bass-Dont Make Me Wait
Jody Watley-Real Love
Patti Labelle-Stir It Up
Rolling Stones-Rock And A Hard Place
Taylor Dayne-Prove Your Love
Robert Palmer—Change His Ways
The Jam-Funeral Pyre
Blow Monkeys-Wicked Ways. I Nearly Died Laughing
A-ha-You Are The One, Living A Boy's Adventure Tale, Love Is Reason
Kate Bush-The Big Sky, The Sensual World
Pet Shop Boys-Alright
Jermaine Stewart-Say It Again, Get Lucky, Dont talk Dirty To Me
Daryl Pandy Feat Farley Jackmaster Funk-Love Cant Turn Around
City Boy-5705
Candi Staton-You Got The Love
Simple Minds-Speed Your Love To Me
Bryan Adams-Kids Wanna Rock
Double-The Devil's Ball
Climie Fisher-Rise To The Occassion ('87 Hip-Hop 12” remix)
Eartha Kitt-Where Is My Man, This Is My Life
Marlyn-Cry And Be Free
Teena Marie-Oo La La La
Spagna-Easy Lady
Johnny Nash-Rock Me Baby
Commodores-Goin To The Bank
Yellow Magic Orchestra-Anything by them
5 Star-most of theirs completely ignored now
Natalie Cole-Pink Cadillac
Clubhouse-Do It Again/Billie Jean
Inga-Something Stupid
Johnny Logan-Oriental Eyes (written by Paul “65 Love affair” Davis)
Stevie Wonder/Julio Iglesias-My Love
Steve Arrington-Feel So Real, Dancing In The Key Of Life
Ray Parker-I Dont Think A Man Should Sleep Alone
The Pasadenas-Tribute (Right On)
Rod Stewart-Infatuation
Bruce Willis (of Die Hard fame)-Respect Yourself
Kane Gang-Respect Yourself (same song dirrerent version)
Marvin Gaye-My Love Is Waiting
Hue and Cry-Violently
Don Johnson-Heartbeat
Don Johnson/Barbera Streisand-Til I Loved You
Dan Hill/Vonda Sheperd-Cant We Try
Morris Day-Fishnet
7th Heaven-Hot Fun
Carmel-More More More
Claudja Barry-Boogie Oogie Woogie Dancing Shoes
Blue Zoo-Cry Boy Cry
Motels-Suddenly Last Summer
Kajagoogoo-Hang On Now
Abba-That's Me
Toto Coelo-I Eat Cannibals
Tracey Ullman-Bobby's Girl
Toy Dolls-Nelly The Elephant
The Young Ones with Cliff Richard-Living Doll
Neil (from the Young Ones)-Hole In My Shoe
Housemartins-Five Get Overexcited
Modern Roamce-Walking In The Rain, Queen Of The Rapping Scene, High Life, Dont Stop That Crazy Rhythm
Gary US Bonds-Soul Deep
The Council Collective-Soul Deep (not the same as Gary US Bonds)
Kim Carnes-Voyeur
Scandal feat Patti Smyth-The Warrior
Laurie Anderson-O Superman
Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train, So Tired
Stepaside-Las Resort (obscure Irish Band circa 1980)
The JAM Song-JAM Allstars
Any snippets from Z100 80s Albums!
Any Adam Sandler soundtrack!

I'm sure there's loads more I'll think of later, meantime, Enjoy! :cheers:

Dave O'Connor
25th April 2005, 14:08
you forgot Boyzone's cover of "Arms Of Mary"

not to mention Westlife "flying without wings" you never hear that anymore.

and Spice Girls " if you wanna be my lover " havent heard that in ages.


25th April 2005, 14:13
Hey by the way.... anyway hear John Clarkes programme on Sunday ? It was like an anorak special! He pulled out some gems including the aforementioned WAX - right between the eyes........... coincidence, I think not.... another major weh, the chopped up nova jingle played on the show gives it away, anyway, lol.

25th April 2005, 14:15
you forgot Boyzone's cover of "Arms Of Mary"

not to mention Westlife "flying without wings" you never hear that anymore.

and Spice Girls " if you wanna be my lover " havent heard that in ages.


Well, the thread title didn't say the songs had to be any good :D Mind you, it didn't include the word "thankfully", either!

25th April 2005, 19:43
I think more than anything this thread has brought to light a basic fault thats inherent in Irish radio and that is that a lot of Music Programmers / PD's are not that interested in anything other than the same old play it safe approach to playlisting.Now I would be the first to admit that there are some songs on the list's that I would would shy away from playing, but as was pointed out the thread is about songs you dont hear.I think that the tragedy here is one I have mentioned before in another thread. Irish radio is doing itself an injustice not for the music it plays but for the music it doesn't play.This situation applies not only to the oldies that have been lovingly posted here but to new stuff as well.
Let me try something here. I am going to put up 2 lists of 5 songs eachThe one on the left is 5 songs being played by every radio station I've heard of late.The one on the right is 5 songs I have not heard on any station so far ( I am open to correction on this point-they may have been played on a station but I haven't heard them ). I would ask people that havent heard any of the songs on the right to try and find them and have a listen and let us know if you think they are (A) musically better ( open to different opinions and rightly so ) (B) Better Radio tunes ( open to far less debate) and (C) If given the right exposure would enhance a station's sound
Here we go
1-50 Cent-Candy Shop 1.James Blunt-Wiseman
2.Usher-Caught Up 2.Anna Nalick-Breathe
3.Kylie Minogue-Giving You 3.Jessie McCartney-Beautiful Soul
4.Cabin Crew-Star To Fall 4.Ringside-Tired Of Being Sorry
5.Mariah Carey-It's Like That 5.Ben Lee-Catch My Disease
Just a test. I'd be delight with feedback..good or bad

25th April 2005, 20:04
Sorry..on reading the 2 lists back it is hard to make then out..let me relist them here..the top 5 are the ones being played every day..the bottom 5 are the ones I am curious about
1-50 Cent-Candy Shop
2.Usher-Caught Up
3.Kylie Minogue-Giving You
4.Cabin Crew-Star To Fall
5.Mariah Carey-It's Like That

1.James Blunt-Wiseman
2.Anna Nalick-Breathe
3.Jessie McCartney-Beautiful Soul
4.Ringside-Tired Of Being Sorry
5.Ben Lee-Catch My Disease

26th April 2005, 23:11
None to ad yet but boy what a thread,as this is my first visit to this site ,my thinking cap is on.

Every pd in the country is making notes on this i bet.

No frills
27th April 2005, 00:36
I think from the amount of interest and popularity that this thread has generated with a topic such as this, it reallly does expose real flaws in every programming Director ability. You have so many great songs that are been deprived of airplay on commercial radio. It's a disgrace to think PD's are getting very well-paid to churn out the same old drivel every day on Irish radio and yet can only come up with the same old stuff. Take note every PD in the country and write down those songs and start playing some of them on your radio stations or else face extinction. In fact, Iwould think 99% of the posters of this thread could produce a better playlist than most PD's and increase ratings too-fold. :cheers:

27th April 2005, 07:48
Hey no frills, PM me and I'll invite you to spend a couple of hours in a real commercial radio station, so you might understand what PDs actually do and why we play the music we play. You seem to think you could do a better job so why not spend some time in a working environment and you might have a better idea of how commercial radio works (and why stations like 98 and 104 are so successful).

Tipp Man
27th April 2005, 08:29
It is very noticable on BBC Radio 2 that some DJs play mostly their own selection apart from the specified playlists. Take Johnny Walker and Terry Wogan for example. Both play loads of new and obscure artists as they are allowed to chose their own selections whereas, say, Steve Wright and Ken Bruce play the same bland old crap all the time...

Wogan has been responsible for introducing lots of Irish artists to the british airwaves that would have had no chance otherwise; The Corrs in their early days and more recently Juliet Turner.

No frills
27th April 2005, 11:04
Hugo, I didn't say I could do produce a better playlist or do a better job on a commercial radio. I don't work in radio. Don't distort the real facts. I was merely referring to the majority of posters that have a serious musical knowledge on this thread and not myself. It's been an musical education for me and others to see the amount of songs that aren't played on radio and should be. I'm prusuming your a PD so why can't you openingly admit on this forum that radio stations like FM104, 98FM, Q102 and others just like to churn out safe predictable playlists, in case you rock the boat a bit. I hope your taking notes of these wonderful songs and you'll include them in forthcoming playlists for the radio station that you work for. Wishful thinking on my behalf. I'm sure PD's do alot more than deciding playlists for their radio station, but that's not the issue is it. You may give me very convincing arguments to discredit my above post, but it doesn't change the fact that most radio stations have failed to deliver a real diversity in music.

27th April 2005, 11:50
I can't believe any PD that has read this thread could actually try and defend their lack of effort in creating some sense of variety in the playlists that we as listeners are being fobbed off with. And before the company men start screaming "we have researched every song we play" let me once again stress the fact that playing a song down a phoneline with a dodgy sound to some person who may or may not have even a passing interest in music is no way to determine whether a song is played on the radio. It is a cop out by a guy in a suit who either has not got the interest or the love/knowledge of music of all kinds to pick a good tune out from the dross.It's laughable to suggest the "phone research" works. It can't and judging by what we are hearing the proof is there that it doesn't work. As far as 98/104 being successful I would debate that with a passion. They are popular, but what else is there? Q102?..poor relation..Today FM?..slightly better..thanks to the great work done by the likes of Darcy,Dempsey and co..2FM..has its moments..but too few to be of any huge importance in this case. If 98 or 104 are so successful why in the mind of most people are they more or less indistinguishable from each other?.

The likes of Ray Darcy Ian Dempsey on Today FM and of course Gerry Ryan and to some extent Garreth O'Callaghan on 2FM stand out from the crowd because those shows are personality led. They have "content" , humour and are to some degree inter-active. Compare that to the faceless "names " on 104 or 98? If you ask anyone to name a presenter from 104 they would probably say Adrian Kennedy, from 98..at a push Barry Dunne. So taking it as read that these two "successful" stations are not personality led ( whether by choice or not ) that leaves only the music. And what do we get? The blandest of the bland followed by more of the same and usually the same songs. 98 and 104 use the "listen out for a number" type system to some degree to try and appreear inter-active, the results of these phone calls more often than not end with the person on the other end of the phone not knowing the number becuase they were not listening ( hardly a good advertisment for the station?)

Ireland has a great history of "discovering" new talent ahead of most other countries and many artistes can sell out concerts here without having had a single UK hit. This fact is not in any way adressed by the playlists we hear every day. Before 104 or 98 actually got around to playing David Gray most people in Dublin had bought his albums and learned the words off by heart. This lack of being in touch with people's actual tastes has been repeated many times. Now I am not saying that every single song played on either station is crap..that would be a stupid statement..what i am saying is once again that the sin lies not in whats played but whats NOT being played and by including a better variety of music it may not be necessary to play some of the less radio friendly stuff or to be so repetitive.

Finally I have no doubt that most of the people here would say "yes i could do a better job of playlisting etc" but while they may be able to do a few days worth the job of playlisting on an ongoing basis is not easy and ( limited) respect should be given to those who do it. They are not always going to get it right but they are always going to be criticised for it. The level of these attacks will vary but at the moment any defense a PD makes about the depth/style/content of the playlists we are hearing can only be treated with a grain of salt purely becuase the facts speak for themselves

27th April 2005, 13:42
I went to a gig the other night, at possibly the country's premier live music venue - The Point.

It was packed, with people of ages between 20 and 50, all of whom it appeared very much enjoyed the show, as was evident from the tumultuous applause and the fact that the band said it was there best audience yet on the tour and seemed genuinely overwhelmed by the response.

The band? The Australian Pink Floyd.

Witness many smaller venues and pubs around the country where young bands are playing covers of songs by Led Zep, Dilan, Hendrix, and much more classic rock material.

Every gig like this I've been to recently has been packed.

I think that definitively shows an upsurge in interest in classic rock music.

But how many radio stations play classic rock?


Out of touch or what?

27th April 2005, 17:49
Pet Shop Boys... Se A Vida E :)

30th April 2005, 10:37
From my early tape recordings...

Enya... Anywhere is
The Saw Doctors... To Win Just Once
Brian Adams... The Only thing that looks good on me
Celine Dion... Falling into you (<<jeez!... but it is one you don't hear anymore! Also that really big selling single a year or two before)
Mariah Carey... One Sweet Day
3T... 24/ 7 (relevant now considering they are Michael Jackon's relations)
Anything by Gina G ( :rolleyes: )
The Theme song to Mission Impossible
The Theme song to any of the X-files films
Anything By Dodgy (if you're thinking of me for example)
Toni Braxton... Unbreak my Heart/ you're making me high
Anything by En Vogue... 'Don't let go' (I think)
Clocks... Oh what a night
Mark Morisson... Horny
Greed feat ricardo da force... pump up the volume

Fr. Dougal
30th April 2005, 10:46
Great thread, how come we never hear the following bands anymore on mainstream radio? It surprises me given requirements of a typical radio licence, (i.e. there is more than Westlife, U2 and The Corrs out there)

Light A Big Fire,
Auto Da Fe,
The Blades,
A House,
Minor Detail.
Those Nervous Animals,
Micro Disney,
An Emotional Fish

Tracey Lee
3rd May 2005, 10:35
song that's wrecking our heads..been humming it!!
Was played on Sunshine or Q, we think...late 80s..
...Lyrics -"Ring of Fire, i believe in you..ring of fire, i believe in you...."
One person reckons its Joan Jett..or another rock chick!!

Anyway was a great song!!
But again..have not heard it since!!

Ric Ocasek-Emotion in motion..(classic!)

Princess-Say I'm you're number One

Maria Vidal-Body Rock

Anyone remember ..The Reynolds Girls- I'd rather Jack..(all the anoraks know that one!!!..)

3rd May 2005, 10:46
Tracey I think the song that you are referring to is actually Ring of Ice by Jennifer Rush, I can still remember that song great tune!!

3rd May 2005, 12:39
It was by Jennifer Rush and along with Madonna's Eyes was a big Sunshine hit. I had mentioned the Ric Ocasak track in an earlier post and when I did I had about 6 pm's asking me about it. I was surprised so many remembered it. And speaking of Ex-Cars members I was floored on Saturday night when I was asked For Benjamin Orr's -Stay The Night and even more amazed when I saw so many people sing along to it.

Tracey Lee
3rd May 2005, 14:30
Thanks guys..not Jennifer Rush though!!great song all the same, and was played around that time too!

This other song was more rocky..a power ballad!!???

3rd May 2005, 15:28
Right then,,thinking caps back on methinks..any more info etc Tracy?

3rd May 2005, 17:24
Another great song from the mid-80s, think '87?? that you never hear anymore is The Breakfast club (Madonnas backing singers at the time) "Right on track"...

3rd May 2005, 18:11
Here one I cam across today sorting out old tapes and Lp's. Owen Paul - My Favourtie waste of time. It was on Now Music 7 (tape 1st tape I ever bought :innocent:

No frills
4th May 2005, 01:26
Here are a few more gems that i came across as I was going through my collection of Music.

The Dobbie Brothers featuring Michael McDonald - What a fool Believes or minute by minute.(1990)
Tom Waits - Martha ( 1973)
Leonard Cohen - First we take Manhatten ( 1988)
Manhatten Transfer - Chanson D'amour ( great song) never played on the radio anymore ( 1975)
Todd Rundgren - Can we still be friends (1990)
ELO - Diary of Horace Wimp (1979)
Supertramp - Goodbye stranger (1979)
Aimee Mann- one ( soundtrack from the film Steel Magnolia (1993)
Steely Dan- Green Earrings (1976)
Michael Franks - Barefoot on the Beach (2000)

Some of these songs should be played on the radio, but instead are kept hidden away in the vaults of radio stations. How shameful is that?

4th May 2005, 02:30
Hey ho..its anorak time again..Sorry No Frills..Doobie Brothers What A Fool Believes and Minute By Minute were both 1979 not 1990 and Todd Rundgren likewise was 1978 not 1990. Not having a dig..just making a point:)

4th May 2005, 02:35
And while we are on the soapbox one for Herbert. The Breakfast Club were not Madonna's backing singers, she played drums with them for a short time in 1979 but was long gone from their lives before Right On Track hit the charts in mid-April 1987. Just making the point:)

4th May 2005, 09:03
Some of the early AM stuff

Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl
Harry Chapin - W.O.L.D.
Paul Davis - I go Crazy/69 Love Affair
Seals & Croft - Get Closer

and from the 80s

Sandra - Maria Magdelana

Brian Walsh
4th May 2005, 12:35
What about the poptastic

Yazz - Fine Time

Top 10 in 89 or smoochtastic

Taja Saville - Love is Contagious

Top 10 in 88.

Now there's my sad trip down memory lane !

No frills
4th May 2005, 12:39
Thanks for pointing those errors out Jolishan, My mistake, I stupidly was looking at a best of Dobbie brothers album from 1990 and and a best of Tody Rundgren from that year.

The Doc
20th July 2005, 00:17
Hey Jolishan, did you know that Madonna was a backing vocalist for Patrick Hernandez on "Born to be Alive" ? Only found that out when I read the sleeve notes from a 70s compilation I picked up recently. Other nuggets on the CD were Dee D Jackson "Automatic Lover", The Nick Straker Band with "A Walk in the Park" amoung others. Also got CDs featuring The Breakfast Club "Right On Track", Soul Sister "Way to your Heart", Chilliwack "Gone Gone Gone (my girl), Love And Rockets "So ALive", Desireless "Voyage Voyage" France Gall "Elle El'a" Paul Davis "65 Love Affair", Laura Brannigan "Ti Amo", Mike Oldfield "Guilty" and "Crime Of Passion" and many many more. I'm still looking for Quantum Leap with "The Lone Ranger" from 1979 and the Lambrettas with "Poison Ivy".

20th July 2005, 03:12
The story of Madonna singing on Born To be Alive is false. She joined his touring group as a dancer following the success of Born To Be Alive in Europe but not as a singer

22nd July 2005, 02:11
Heres a few more. Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling. Balance- Breaking Away. Tom Cochrane - Life is a Highway. Dave Stewart - Heart of Stone.

Anyone remember an MTV Europe song from 88 called Little Jackie Wants to Be a Star. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam perhaps?

22nd July 2005, 10:41
It's been so long since I heard that Lisa Lisa song I had to give it a spin to remind myself what it was like..catchy little begger wasn't it?

22nd July 2005, 12:48
Also got CDs featuring The Breakfast Club "Right On Track", Soul Sister "Way to your Heart".....

Sounds like a good 'un - which CD was it ?

Tracey Lee
22nd July 2005, 13:24
Wow!! Dearg..that's a great one.. haven't heard that in yonks!!Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were great!!

Here's one for you...

B52s-Rome around the world.......

Never here that anymore...

Or Jermaine Jackson- We don't have to take our clothes off and his other one Get Lucky!!

Level 42-Heaven in my hands

The Doc
23rd July 2005, 03:05
Or Jermaine Jackson- We don't have to take our clothes off and his other one Get Lucky

I think you meant Jermaine Stewart not Jackson, with those tunes. Jermaine Jackson is Michael's brother who had big a big hit in '80 with "Lets get serious" and in '85 with "Do what you do"". Jermaine Stewart had some good tunes besides the ones you mentioned like "Dont talk dirty to me", "Never have sex with your ex" and "Train D'amour". Level 42 had some gems including an old South Coast Radio favourite "Out of sight, out of mind" (what a classic), "Children Say", "The sun goes down (livin it up)", "The Chinese Way" etc.

Slicklink, sorry to be pedantic but it was "65 Love Affair" (not '69) by Paul Davis ('82)

Jolishan, Madonna was backing singer on Nick Kamens '86 hit "Each time you break my heart" was she not.

Liamo, those songs I found on seperate '80s CDs on the Web. I'll PM you with the details soon.

Brian Cleary
23rd July 2005, 06:49
Doc, you forgot to mention Jermaine's only other hit - 'Say It Again' from 1988 (early i that year). The song 'Don't Talk Dirty To me was one of my fave 80's songs, I have the single in my parents house, but would love to get an MP3 of it.

On the Level 42 theme I was listening to 'To Be With You Again' yesterday and Love Games.

Steve Marshall
23rd July 2005, 09:24
Here's another couple

Dan Hartman-Second Nature
Billy Griffin-Hold Me Tighter In The Rain!

23rd July 2005, 10:50
Nick Kamens '86 hit "Each time you break my heart

Not alone did she sing backing vocals on it she also co-wrote it and produced it.It was the first time she had produced another artist.

Colin Edwards
23rd July 2005, 12:20
Here's another couple

Billy Griffin-Hold Me Tighter In The Rain!

WOT A Tune!!!

Rah Band clouds across the moon..
Randy Crawford Street Life...

The Tweets ... The birdy Song .. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

The Doc
23rd July 2005, 12:34
WOT A Tune!!!

Rah Band clouds across the moon..
Randy Crawford Street Life...

The Tweets ... The birdy Song .. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha The Birdy Song now theres one I havent heard in a long time....and hopefully never will again. I'd imagine that in 20 years time it'll be spoken in the same breath as Crazy Frog. But "novelty" songs tend to sell by the truckload initially, but yet everyone denies having it in their collection. I wonder how many people out there have some godawful records in their collection that they're too embarrassed to mention?

Hey Colin, I think you had a favourite novelty record from '87 by the DJ Steve Walsh with his version of "I found lovin". ".....you wot you wot you wot you wot you wot"

Colin Edwards
23rd July 2005, 12:45
You Have a good memery my Friend.. I loved steve Walsh.. i done a Free voice over for him back in the 80's and in return he gave me a signed copy of I found lovin.. and a photo of the both of us in the studio of radio london.. He used to do a soul show.. What a man... R.I.P

23rd July 2005, 14:23
I saw Walsh doing a gig in the Hippodrome and I was shocked. He was screaming abuse at the crowd , calling them wankers etc because they had paid their 10 quid in and wouldn't dance. Within 15 mins he had lost the crowd and he was replaced shortly after by the inhouse DJ. I actually felt sorry for the guy because his ego was bigger than he was and while his soul show was quite popular his live work was lacking. Having said that for a good while in the late 80's you could do no wrong by playing his version of I Found Lovin rather than the Fatback Bands. It was sad to see though..anyway R.I.P. at least he made a mark

Fr. Dougal
23rd July 2005, 18:07
I was back in Limerick recently and came accross some casette tapes I recorded back in the eighties. Cue, to teenagers, when I was your age we recorded from the radio, none of your new fangled mp3 players, D'internet, hah!, in my day we had to wind up the phone to place a call and you'll never know the hours of fun we had retrieving chewed tape from the cassette player.

I found a really bad recording of the last broadcast of Radio Luxembourg on their 208 frequency complete with annoying fadeout. There were also some inserts from Horizon radio, Radio Munster, WCR, ERI, South West radio, Radio Luimni, RTE radio.
Time has not been kind to these tapes, but the inlay cards have the list.

So leaving aside the Stock, Aiken & Waterman stuff and big haired rock bands here is some of the list

ABC - Poison Arrow, All of my Heart
Amazulu - Too good to be forgotten
America - you can do magic
Animotion - Obsession
Al Stewart - Year of the Cat
Alan Parson's project - Eye in the Sky
Art of Noise - Paranomia
Altered Images - Happy Birthday, Don't talk to me about Love
Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling
Bronski Beat - Small town boy
Bucks Fizz - My Camera never lies
Cherelle & Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love
David Cassidy - Last Kiss
Echo and the Bunnymen - Lips like Sugar
Five Star - Slightest touch, System Addict
Flock of Seagulls - wishing
Fox the Fox - Little Diamond
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax
Godley & Creme - Cry, Under Your Thumb
Holly Johnson - Americanos
Icehouse - crazy
Joan Jett - I love rock & roll
Jon & Vangelis - Friends of Mr. Cairo, I'll find my way home
Lena Martel - One day at a time [Note: I really hate this but it got a lot of air play in the early '80s]
Level 42 - Lessons in Love
Limahl - Never Ending story
Lotus Eaters - First Picture
Mai Tai - History, Body & Soul
Mike & the mechanics - The Living Years
New Order - Thieves Like Us, Blue Monday
OMD - Souvenir
Paul Young - Everything must Change
Princess - Say I'm your number one
Propaganda - Duel
Rock Steady Crew - Hey You
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile
Spandau Ballet - Through the barricades, Gold
Soulsister - The way to your Heart
Softcell - Tainted Love
Squeeze - Cool for Cats
Swing Out Sister - Break out
The Alarm - 68 guns
Then Jerico - The Motive
Third World - Dancin' on the Floor, Now we found love
Tiffany - I think we're alone now.
Trio - Da Da Da
Visage - Fade to grey
When in Rome - The Promise
Yello - The race

Tracey Lee
18th August 2005, 11:33
You still hear and see a lot of Prince..or wotever he maybe called these days!!
But what about the girls who sang with him??

Wendy and Lisa-Waterfall

Released in late 80s

What a great song...

Who'll be first to play it????

Also Paul "Asford"- One in every town.... seems to be available on a compilation cd....Couldn't believe it when I heard it whilst scanning the band in Dublin in the car one afternoon..thought it might be pirate station ..but was surprised to see it was RTE Radio 1 .

What an amazing song!!

Let's get the nostalgia going again!!!


Gav Hayes
18th August 2005, 12:02
Paul Harrington - What I'd Say

Gerry Rafferty - Nightowl

Quarterflash - Harden my Heart

Brian Cleary
18th August 2005, 13:25
Tracey - what about Sideshow by Wendy and Lisa or Satisfaction by W&L

Myself and jolishan were chatting about another lost classic recently
I Love You' by the Climax Blues Band.

18th August 2005, 13:28
Two from Was Not Was you never hear on the radio anymore -

"Spy In The House Of Love" from '87
and from the great summer of '92...."Shake Your Head (Lets go to bed)" featuring vocals by Kim Basinger and Ozzy Osbourne!...Treacy can play this on Friday night :)

Not forgetting Walk the dinosaur from '87 also.

18th August 2005, 14:33
The Sparks - No 1 Song in Heaven

Brian Cleary
18th August 2005, 14:46
Matt Bianco -More Than I Can Bear

19th August 2005, 02:07
Matt Bianco -More Than I Can Bear

Anything by Matt Bianco!

"War Baby" or "Atmospherics" by Tom Robinson?

Ray G
20th August 2005, 15:09
Ah the memories are just flooding back now,Heres a few more

Sheila E- Belle Of St Mark

Paul Davis - 65 Love Affair

Helen Watson - Your Not The Rule,You The Exception

Matt Bianco - Sneakin Out The Back Door

Lookalikes - Can I Take You Home Tonight ( What A Classic )

22nd March 2006, 01:38
Morbid Bastard that I am. The song I want played at my funeral:

John Miles - Music

11th June 2006, 23:48
I recently came across an archived thread from the forum where people listed oldies that are inexplicably not heard on radio anymore.

Having revisited some old classics from the 70s and 80s (with, it must be said, a whole host of prompting from Premier's excellent collection of oldies), and with the upcoming demise of Premier's licence, and additionally prompted by numerous "Buzz and Booze" nights, I was wondering if we should revisit the thread, both to share some memories of classic songs and to give the PDs that play it safe with "solid gold sunday" playlists that are pretty repetitive and unimaginative.

So here's the top 30 of the classics that I've resurrected over the past few weeks....

- One in Ten - UB40
- All of My Heart - ABC
- Walking on the Chinese Wall - Philip Bailey
- I'll Fly For You - Spandau Ballet
- Carrie - Cliff Richard
- Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
- Airport - The Motors
- The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Dr Hook
- Scenes from an Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel
- Duke of Earl - Darts
- Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot
- My Eyes Adored You - Paul Anka
- When Love Breaks Down - Prefab Sprout
- Magic - Pilot
- Drift Away - Dobie Gray
- Photographs & Memories - Jim Croce
- Human Nature - Michael Jackson
- The Business Enterprise (My Friend John) - Those Nervous Animals
- The Day Before You Came - ABBA
- Heartbeat City - The Cars
- Reminiscing - The Little River Band
- Halfway Hotel - Voyager
- Loving You - Minnie Ripperton
- Veronica - Elvis Costello
- Don't Bring Me Down - ELO
- Just What I Always Wanted - Mari Wilson
- I Second That Emotion - Japan
- Babe - Styx
- First We Take Manhattan - Jennifer Warnes
- Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters

The above are in no particular order, and are selected only from the recent (re)additions to my collection......currently about 2,500 on the list and rising every week

How about listing your favourite 30 oldies ? The archived thread was brilliant, and I'd love to see some more suggestions and long-forgotten tracks that'd be worth adding to the collection or dusted down and digitised.......

15th September 2006, 18:43
Great Thread....It's been going a long while....!
Magic memories of N-O-V-A & Sunshine as heard here in Lancashire!

Donald Fagen - New Frontier
Mama's Boys - Needle in the Groove
Department S - Is Vick There
Chris Rea - Love's Strange Ways
Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
Janis Ian - Fly Too High
Lydia Murdock - Superstar(A Nova Jock said "That was Lydia Murdoch,she thinks she's Billy Jean.. She should be so lucky.Think it was Mike Moran but could be wrong.)

16th September 2006, 01:44
Omg I feel like a baby...90% of those songs I've never even heard of :lol:

On page 11 someone said that OTT-story of love was a great Irish song--really I didn't think so. They're never played though

Also on page 11 Westlife YES YES YES. Westlife should so be played more often and Brian McFadden. They're Irish and Irish radio doesn't play them half often enough... It doesn't matter what song either they're all good to me lol.
2fm have played Westlife 3 times in the last month so go them...but seriously more more more. Play Westlife more often peoples :lol:

The Doc
1st October 2006, 19:09
Came across some forgotten classics on CD recently:

Maybe -> Thom Pace

My Love is Waiting -> Marvin Gaye

Surrender -> ELO

Cheer Down -> George Harrison

Still Crusin -> Beach Boys

All The Love In The World -> Korgis

Beat The Clock -> Sparks

Living In The Plastic Age -> Buggles

The Harder They Come -> Rockers Revenge

I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) -> Alton Edwards

Ai No Corrida -> Chas Jankel

To Be Or Not To Be -> Mel Brooks

Visions -> Bill Wyman

Every Girl And Boy -> Spagna

No Way Out -> Starship

Niagara Falls -> Chicago

I'll awaken some more dormant classics (and some obsolete brain cells too!!!) soon.

2nd December 2006, 19:39
(with, it must be said, a whole host of prompting from Premier's excellent collection of oldies), and with the upcoming demise of Premier's licence,

Derek Jones - Sunday mornings on Premier - used to play some unusual tunes, ones otherwise heard on ads etc, stuff like 'Telstar' from the 'Tornados' etc.

A couple of times he played the signature tune for the Tom O'Donnell show on RLO :) - and so I finally got the actual name of the tune:

'I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman' by 'Whistling Jack Smith' (dating from 1967), a tune which seems to be associated with 1960's offshore radio.

Wasn't this tune also used on an ad on RTE TV for some sort of a national cleanup week sometime over a decade ago?

20th August 2008, 23:03
Maybe a good idea to resurrect this thread....:nutter:

A few random tracks you dont hear anymore on the radio...

Bruce Springseteen - Cover me
Go-betweens - Streets of your town
George Michael - Cowboys and Angels
Liza Minelli - Losing my mind
Brenda Russell - Piano in the dark
INXS - Bitter tears
World Party - Is it like today?

21st August 2008, 12:41
Quarterflash-Harden my heart
Harry Chapin-W.O.L.D.

Chris Adams
24th August 2008, 07:46
Probably played on Radio Dublin or Heartbeat.
Ultimate 80s cheese.
Can't stop thinking about you - Stacy Lattisaw

25th May 2009, 18:54
The original Ti Amo was done by Umberto Tozzi who also did the original of Gloria ( Laura Branigan). A little man with a wonderful laugh called Howard Carpendale did the cover that was a hit here on Lightning Records. I was working for Lightning at the time in London and remember it was a huge seller in Limerick in particular..no idea why..and by the way Doc..the 2 names Gun and Richard Myhill are 100% :)

Time to rake up this thread again...:rolleyes:

Wasn't it Jonathan King who had the original of 'Gloria' (maybe Umberto Tozzi was his psuedonym)?

Maybe Jim and Gerry at 4FM should look at this thread for future playlist updates!

17th August 2009, 16:52
Ten to Eight by David castle-its the only 7 inch I still own!!!!!!!!!

Brian Keane gave it to me,I lent it to Tommy O'Keeffe,and it turned outTommy had lost it years previously..... Legendary Waterford DJs still going I believe.

18th August 2009, 11:21
Where did you get the CD of David Castle's ten to eight?

18th August 2009, 15:56
Where did you get the CD of David Castle's ten to eight?

Its was username "JOLISHAN" who got it on cd http://www.radiowavesforum.com/rw/showthread.php?t=10326&page=11 first post on the page. :)

dj ray
24th December 2009, 18:09
xmas eve always makes me think of nova (cos chris cary was always on late xmas eve)
and nova always makes me think of this -

all the 80s fans - enjoy -

24th December 2009, 22:14
That song brings me back so many memories....most I couldnt really print:innocent:

dj ray
24th December 2009, 22:33
That song brings me back so many memories....most I couldnt really print:innocent:

ah go on !!!:)
its a brilliant song - so many memories - so many airplays
jason maine`s favorite song too -
we just talkin here , did sunshine play it ? i dont think so !
probley wrong though !

25th December 2009, 01:27
Great track and indeed it was played on Sunshine. I still play it and it still works. Happy Christmas to all

Red Room
27th December 2009, 21:04
Ages since I popped into this thread and had to check out the David Castle song; all I can say is OUCH; that's a gem so good it hurts:)

The Doc
7th January 2010, 20:41
Heard Melba Moore's "Pick me up I'll dance" and Mai Tai's "Female Intuition" on WABC last night....great tracks and rarely heard on any radio station.

12th January 2010, 22:51
The Crown Heights Affair........You Gave me Love
Change.................................. ...Lovers Holiday
Gary's Gang............................Keep on Dancing

13th January 2010, 18:08
world party - put the message in the box

The Doc
13th January 2010, 22:29
world party - put the message in the box

A good late 80s rock tune, covered many years later by Brian Kennedy.

Another great 1989 tune not heard on radio nowadays is Michael Penns "No Myth"

13th January 2010, 23:35
Originally Posted by Graham View Post
world party - put the message in the box
A good late 80s rock tune, covered many years later by Brian Kennedy.

Another great 1989 tune not heard on radio nowadays is Michael Penns "No Myth"

Thats odd, I played both of them just before xmas. With a large hint from Garath O'Callaghan I played Maxine NIghtingale Lead Me On today, forgotten how good it was.

How about Don't Wait For Heroes by Denis DEyoung from the same album that produced Desert Moon

klub radio
13th January 2010, 23:48
sia drink to get drunk, natt monday waiting (think that was a ministry 93 tune), salt tank eugina, cass & slide perceptions, sister bliss and john martin deliver me, dave gahan dirty sticky floors (junkie xl remix). all classic dance tunes you never hear on radio now.

4th February 2010, 23:08
Another great 1989 tune not heard on radio nowadays is Michael Penns "No Myth"


Brilliant song, one of my favourites - have it on 7inch and have his album March on cassette.. must buy the cd

6th February 2010, 23:18
anyone remember The Promise by When In Rome.. great track

7th February 2010, 02:24
I agree Nessy but the rest of the album is pure drivel. When in rome are still together by the way

7th February 2010, 15:32
yeah dont think i'll ever get over the disappointment of getting the followup... ggr!

leonard collins
24th March 2010, 17:34
hi tracy that song by paul ashford is a total classic. leonard in limerick

The Doc
25th March 2010, 10:28
Speaking of Paul Ashford, does anyone remember his band Stepaside and their 1980 hit in Ireland called "The Last Resort"

And another forgotten irish gem, Stagalee with "Give a little love"

17th April 2010, 19:20
all the young dudes

29th April 2010, 20:51
I played Jim Capaldi's "Love Hurts" last weekend - go me!

10th May 2010, 17:45
Remember that lad that wrote a classic,and he wrote in it an attic...That song:)

10th May 2010, 21:51
Remember that lad that wrote a classic,and he wrote in it an attic...That song:)

Adrian Gurvitz - Classic (got to write a )

Mike O' Brien
10th May 2010, 23:26
Womack & Womack -'Teardrops'

11th May 2010, 17:46
Sergio Mendes - Real life

Played on Nova and Energy a lot!

10th February 2011, 00:45
The Bogmen - Rock Around the Clock

dj ray
17th February 2011, 09:55
have absolutley no idea why this tune popped into my head this morning ,
a real nova favorite:)

nick straker - walk in the park


The Doc
19th February 2011, 13:51
The Bee Gees - "One" from 1989 is another rarity as is their 1987 single "ESP"

dj ray
3rd April 2011, 05:07
anyone for a nightcap ?

im having a few now , and WOW the memories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19th August 2011, 09:50
Five million kisses by lomantic..